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I am in the planning stages of designing my nephew Jr's room. When I went home this summer for my Dad’s birthday I got a chance to see my sister’s new place for the first time. I don't have a picture of his room but here's the jest of it, his room is painted a dark blue color, which in my opinion makes his already small room look smaller. He has a full size bed pushed up against the wall with no headboard, and a chest of drawers. He told me that he wants a black and green room with Spiderman in it and that I must include football.
When I do a space, I like to draw first from inspiration, then pull all my ideas into what I like to think is a unique space. As far as kids rooms are concern, at least for my kids, I like a simple not overly done space and I don’t do character based rooms. One minute they are in love with Dora the next Bratz or Spongebob, what have you. Can we say expensive trying to modify a room to their ever changing moods. So I rather design with a classic backdrop and then add in fun and whimsical things.
This room is done by Pottery Barn Kids. I just love getting their catalogs and pouring over the pages of beautifully designed rooms. I was drawn to this space because of the strips. I don’t know if I will work this into his space but it would be nice on at least one wall or the bedspread.

Take a look at this iron bed, perfect. It wouldn’t take up too much space and still could remain push up against the wall without being too bulky. With luck on our side we might be able to find a look alike at a second hand shop. I love thrift stores. You can find some amazing things there at oh-so budget friendly prices.

                 That bookshelf is so uniquely done, we have to incorporate this into the room.

There is something about a map that screams out to me. We won’t do a wall of maps but maybe one framed or a globe would work well. 
Now that I have some inspiration I can start planning and narrowing down some choices. I will keep you posted on the transformation of Jr’s new room. See you soon!


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