Forty Before Forty: A Milestone Birthday Bucket List

Hello Sunshine! After my last birthday, my mind drifted on a little list I had started before I was 30. I had this grand idea to make a birthday bucket list of little things I wanted to accomplish before my milestone birthday. Well, I tucked that list inside one of my many notebooks at the time and there it sat long after my 30th.

With my 40th just 3 years and 6 months away I thought I would dust off my list and challenge myself to completing 40 things before I turn 40. This list is comprised of things from my original list and some recent ambitions.

Start Date: June 2016
End Date: September 2020

1. Take ballroom dancing lessons - Salsa
2. Attend the Macy's Day Parade
3. Play a game of tennis Completed Tennis Lessons August 2019
4. Save $10,000 Completed 05/22/2020
5. Pay off all debt excluding the house and student loans Completed 02/19/19
6. Take an epic family vacation
7. Help build a house
8. Travel to 4 states | places I've never been to (2/4)
         -    Niagara Falls, NY - Memorial Day week
         -   Mammoth Cave KY - June 29, 2019
9. Go zip-lining
10. 5K walk Completed 04/23/17
11. Get makeup professionally done
12. Start writing a children's book with my hubby
13. Make a quilt
14. Donate hair Completed 06/11/16
15. Paint a Rothko inspired piece
16. Read 24 books (31/24)
        The Alchemist
        Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
        Being Perfect
        The Yellow Envelope
        Curly Girl: The Handbook
        The Distant Hours
        The Whole 30
        The Curated Closet
        The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
        Big Little Lies
        A Murder in Music City
        The Minimalist Kitchen
        Little Fires Everywhere
        The Big Tiny: A Built-it-Myself Memoir
        The Lake House
        The Last Arrow: Save Nothing For The Next Life
        Girl, Wash Your Face
        Playing With Fire
        Everything I Never Told You
        The Secrets of Midwives
        The Proximity Principle
        The Tattooist of Auschwitz
        Where the Crawdads Sing
        The Complete Book of Clean
        Beyond The Point
        Cozy Minimalist Home
        My Favorite Half-Night Stand
        The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
        Something in the Water
        The Power
17. Get underarms waxed Completed 05/06/17
18. Lose 10 pounds Completed 10/31/17
19. Hike Starr Mountain
20. Learn to swim Completed October 2018
21. Go ice-skating Completed 05/06/17
22. Go to a baseball game Completed 07/03/19
23. Try out a cleanse Completed October 2017 - The Whole 30
24. Take a self-defense class
25. See a baby being born
26. Indoor skydiving
27. Vintage pin-up photoshoot
28. Frame a map and track our adventures Completed June 2018
29. Adopt a family for Christmas November 2019
30. Learn to shoot a gun
31. Take a photography class
32. Plan a couples party
33. Take horseback riding lessons
34. Learn genealogy through Ancestry DNA Completed 04/07/18
35. Buy a gun
36. Take pictures in a photo booth
37. Be published in a newspaper or magazine
38. Give blood Attempted 04/04/17
39. Go wine-tasting Completed 09/09/17
40. Get a facial Completed 11/10/18

I plan on updating this list regularly and blogging about many of my adventures throughout the next few years! See ya soon!

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  1. Wow Darnetha you have some great things listed here! And since we're about the same age I guess I should be thinking about starting a list myself, you've inspired me 😊

    1. Thanks Carli! I hope you do make a list of your own, it will be fun!

  2. Darnetha! Love this list. I have a 30 by 30. I will revamp it to be 35 by 35. Thanks for the inspiration

    1. You're welcome Alaya! I'm really looking forward to checking two off my list in April!

  3. Awesome list. My favorite is learn to swim. Take me with you. You should set a goal like 10-12 things per year.

    1. Thank ya Lady! You know just how I am when it comes to water so that one will be extremely hard. I mapped it out to be 13 per year, this should be fun.


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