Summer In Style Outdoor Edition: Sunny Front Porch

Hello Sunshine! Today I'm participating in a fabulous Summer in Style Outdoor blog hop hosted by my sweet friend Katrina of Chic Little House!

If you are stopping by from my girl Shavonda of SG Style, I want to welcome all of you to my sunny front porch here in Nashville.

Take a little photo stroll with me as I share with you my porch and design style along with tips on how to freshen up your outdoor space on a budget.

I absolutely love when the weather turns warm! We spend a great deal of time outdoors as a family. Tossing around the frisbee, jumping in the trampoline, having Sunday brunch on the back porch, eating ice-cream, and enjoying friends.

Our front porch is always a great spot to sit, no chair needed! I love when the kids break away from their electronic devices to throw the football, grab the stilts, chase each other, and practice the skateboard on the sidewalk while I watch from the stairs sometimes joining in.

My style is simplistic, minimalist infused with bits of cozy, charm and whimsy. One of my favorite things to do is style our concrete planters flanking the door. I love a planter that I can plant in the spring and it blooms until fall. For an interesting planter try adding a thriller, spiller, and filler.

With the pink blooms from our oleander trees setting the stage I felt we didn't need a wreath on the door. The one new addition I added to the front porch was a new flag pole.

I was completely surprised when the plants on either side of the steps came back. They have the most beautiful, delicate white flowers. Another way to get the most out of your plants is to buy perennials. They will keep coming back year after year blooming on their own.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my summer front porch! Up next on the blog tour is Erin of Living Pretty on a Penny. Erin is a great bargain hunter and her furniture transformations are simply beautiful. See ya soon!

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  1. darnetha, i love your front door color! it's so happy! and those flowering topiaries are beautiful and look so perfect flanking your entry.

  2. Darnetha your front area looks beautiful. I love your front door color. So cheerful and welcoming.

  3. I'm with Cassie and totally in love with your door color. You have such curb appeal

  4. Darnetha, everything looks so pretty and I love your planters outside your front door on your porch so pretty!! Also great tips on how to make planters pop!

  5. I absolutely love the perennials. I will plan to add them to my front porch. Did you plant from seeds? Your porch is simple and inviting.

  6. Love you porch and door color! Very cute and inviting.


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