Living Room Refresh : Blank Wall

Hello Sunshine! So we have this blank wall in our living room. It used to house our command center and blue console table but when I started our living room refresh I moved everything to new locations and was left with this blank wall.
I like the fact that we don't have anything obstructing the walkway anymore. My kids would often bump into the console when rushing past.

Now that I have this blank wall I want to fill it with something interesting. A gallery wall came to mind but a picture ledge would add some depth and interest. I'm thinking two ledges, one on top of the other, lined with a mix of art and family photos. However recently I've been thinking of adding one large statement piece as a focal point.

Here are some inspiration shots that caught my eye:
Which would you pick, gallery wall, photo ledges or one large statement piece?
See ya soon!

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6 Easy to Care for Houseplants

Hello Sunshine! Lately I've been in full planting mode. I blame it on spring! Planning my garden, planter beds, and window box have kept me happily busy. In honor of Earth Month I wanted to list out six easy to care for houseplants.

I'm always on the search for great indoor plants that are easy to grow and keep alive with minimal care. Houseplants not only provide oxygen and remove airborne toxins but they are beautiful and can be just the thing that can bring a room together.

Laundry Room : Choosing a Floor

Hello Sunshine! I'm hitting the ground running on our laundry room home goals and today is all about flooring. Picking out flooring is a daunting task, especially if you walk into a flooring center not prepared and with no clear direction. One of the first steps for us was to sit down and pick the type of floor we wanted before the style.

Throughout our home we have beautiful 68 year old hardwood and I absolutely love them; however, I knew we needed something a little different for our laundry room. This particular part of the house is not heated so I had to ix-nay tile. Tile is cold underfoot and before you say it we did not want to install a heated tile system.

Wanting the durability of tile but the warmth of hardwoods we chose laminate. Laminate is a great option for our family and how we use our laundry room. Aside from laundry, my most dreaded task, this room is right off our back porch. So needless to say my boys run in and out of the house a billion times bringing in dirt, mud, and equipment.

These floors have to be water and scratch resistant, able to stand up to high traffic, and be easy to install. I found all of that with Aquaguard laminate flooring. I ordered a few samples in colors the family chose.
I laid them out on the laundry room floor and let life happen. I was pleased with the quality and how easily they cleaned up. The only problem was committing to a color. From top to bottom the colors are Smoky Dusk Water, Calico, and Amstel.

We loved the color pattern of the Smoky Dusk Water floor, plus my daughter loves that name. Calico was light and would give me that overall airiness I want for the space. Amstel is the only flooring option that closely represents our hardwoods.

I was so happy that we had a Floor and Decor store to open in our area and over the weekend I went to see our flooring options on a larger scale. And I'm glad I did cause I immediately knew that Amstel was the right choice.

The floors are delivered and acclimating to our home and I can't wait to get started on installing them. Which style are you drawn to? To see more about our laundry room click here. See ya soon!

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Rug Swatch Wall Art

Hello Sunshine! I'm back with another living room refresh update. When I started out redesigning our living room I intentionally left the wall to the right of the sofa blank. We plan on eliminating that wall when we remodel our kitchen. Knowing this I didn't want to dedicate that wall to anything permanent but it was a little too blank and left me wishing I had something there.
I shopped the house, thrift stores and a few of my favorite retail shops for pieces to hang on the wall and I kept coming up short. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on anything knowing that it will eventually come down. Recently I purchased two carpet swatches on clearance and instantly knew that they would be perfect.

Today I will show you how I turned two carpet swatches into an unexpected, unique piece of wall art!
For this project you will need:

- carpet swatch
- plywood
- birch edge tape
- iron
- permanent spray adhesive
- frame hanging hardware

ONE | Measure your carpet swatch and have your plywood cut an 1/2-inch smaller than your carpet swatch. Bring your swatch to the home improvement store so you can make adjustments there, trust me on this. I used a thin plywood.

TWO | To make the edges of your plywood smooth, apply birch edge tape to all four sides using a iron set on low.
THREE | Using a permanent spray adhesive, spray both the plywood and swatch. Assemble immediately and smooth. Allow to dry.

FOUR | To hang, attach d-rings with picture wire to the backs of your plywood. Hang your new, one of a kind wall art and enjoy!
Although this is a temporary art installation I love how it looks in our space and it's in good company next to our DIY blanket ladder.

Tell me what you think of our rug swatch wall art. Have you been working on anything lately?
See ya soon!

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Laundry Room Cabinet Hardware

Hello Sunshine! We finally have knobs! This small detail took a while for me to commit to. I went back and forth on the topic of knobs vs pulls for our cabinet doors. After much deliberation, knobs were my choice for the doors and pulls for the drawers if we decide to include them when we purchase base cabinets.

With there casual flair the Martha Stewart Bedford nickel ring knobs are a perfect compliment to our shaker style cabinets.
We started our laundry room project about a year ago and the progress has been slow moving. Like at the speed of a turtle wearing leg weights! This year we plan to make a little more headway on this project and try to get 'er done.

What home projects are you currently working on? See ya soon!

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8 Tips to Host an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Start a new tradition this Easter by hosting your own Easter egg hunt. Egg hunts are a favorite activity for many kids and even adults. My family looks forward to this fun, annual tradition every year. They never know where they will find an egg lurking or who will seize the elusive prize egg. I thought it would be fun to show you just how easy it is to throw your own hunt.

  1. Know Your Guest | If you know that the kids you are inviting are younger and love crafts, have a cute craft station set up for them to create. Or if they are older and like games, play a few games with prizes. An egg race comes to mind! If you are like me and the kids just want to play and run around, have plenty of things for them to do. Jump ropes, hula hoops and my back yard trampoline that is always a hit.
  2. Invitations | What's a party or get together without an invitation. There are so many cute ways to invite guest nowadays. Evites are simple and there are a lot of fun designs that are free. Social Media is another great way to get the word out. The only downfall to that is that not everyone on your guest list will be on your platform. I still like to send good old fashion snail mail invitations. I love it! Tiny Prints and Minted have a great variety of themed invites. I usually use a local shop here in Nashville to make mine but I have also used Etsy to find some really unique creations.
  3. Food | Around these parts food is an absolute must. You don't have to go over the top to pull off an epic hunt. Many hunts put on by churches or parks have food items for sale. Either with food trucks, yum, bake sales or a grill. For your smaller scale hunt, you can offer a potluck where everyone can bring a dish. Don't worry to much about asking your friends, they are usually very happy to bring something to share and you will have plenty of food to go around. We grill out and offer couple of side items, drinks, and a dessert. Last year my friend bought the best cheesecake, delish!
  4. Location, Location, Location | You will find the best location is often your own backyard. However I have seen hunts done inside houses and community centers. Just make sure that if you pick a destination outside your or a family members home that you need to book it well in advance. Easter egg hunts are popular and places book up fast!
  5. Date | This goes with invitations and knowing your guests. This year Easter falls on March 27th. I know that my friends and family are always super busy the Saturday before Easter, the 26th. So I wouldn't ask them to come over on that day, even though they would come I wouldn't want to put them out their way. Instead I always host my hunt two Saturdays before Easter, the 19th. This works for us and our friends, your dates might look completely different.
  6. Decorations | Decorations set the tone and can mimic your invitations. The candy filled eggs will be the ultimate star of your hunt but that shouldn't stop you from decorating. A spring wreath on your door to greet guest, bunny yard signs, a bunting strung up, a cute tablescape, a pastel balloon arch are a few great ideas to set the scene.
  7. Eggs and Prizes | It's an egg hunt after all you must have eggs. Boiled eggs or candy filled eggs, you must make that decision. We do plastic eggs filled with delicious candy. I recycle my eggs every year since I host an annual hunt. Every store this time of year will have them, some more affordable than most. You can buy in bulk from places like Oriental Trading. In the weeks leading up to the hunt I buy candy and fill the eggs. Our last hunt I think we had something like 300 eggs. You can also have each family bring a dozen filled eggs. They always gladly oblige! For the past couple of years we have done a prize egg and who ever is lucky enough to find it gets an extra special prize. We've done a huge stuffed bunny and a 2 foot solid chocolate bunny.
  8. Kid Thank You Gifts | Just like a most parties this is a small jester of thanks for coming and celebrating with us. I make or buy something for every kid, even the teenagers. Small is key. A chocolate bunny or cross, you can find these at the dollar store and they are tasty. I've even made chocolate covered peep pops. The kids are appreciative and it's a great way to say bye as your friends and family leave.
I have a pinterest board full of awesome ideas that will help you on your way to one awesome egg hunt that would be talked about and even looked forward to! See ya soon!

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2016 Home Goals

Hello Sunshine! I've been in planning and list making mode these past few weeks. Many of you have probably already set your goals for this year. Is it too late to share my 2016 goals? I sure hope not! It usually takes me, at least, a couple of weeks to narrow down my goals for the new year. I like to pencil in ideas and plans cause life happens and sometimes our priorities shift so here's me grabbing my pencil and scribbling down a few ideas.

I have several personal goals I want to accomplish like getting in better shape, eating clean, and paying down debt. Based on my goals I've chosen my one word FOCUS. This year I want to focus on my health, finances, photography, blog, and home. Today I will share a few of my home goals and plans. 



Our laundry room has been a work in progress for over a year now. I added wall cabinets along with a new fresh coat of paint and curtains but there is still a lot of work to be done. I plan on adding hardware to the wall cabinets, install new flooring, hang a shelf over the washer/dryer, and add some wall art. I would love to install base cabinets with a wood counter top, maybe next year.


Last November I started refreshing our living room with a few inexpensive changes. We moved things around, added new art, built a leaning blanket ladder, and added new lamps and pillows. I wanted to share our refresh with you back in January but I am still pondering curtain options and wall art. I have a few more changes planned and hope to share details soon. 


I read The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up last fall and wanted to immediately tackle the shared room of my boys. They need a toy solution badly and I have a build project up my sleeves for that. I also want to maximize their closet to house all their clothes and a good clean is in order. New window treatments and rug tiles are among the list of quick changes I have planned for their space.

Focusing on our finances this year has altered all my plans for the year. It's more important for us to be debt free so I am happy to put plans on hold. I still have a lot planned and can't wait to share my ideas and reveals with you this year.

Do you have any home design plans that you can't wait to start or finish this year?

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