DIY Striped Rug Tutorial

Hello Sunshine! Over the weekend we brought out our halloween decorations to spook up the front yard. We want to keep things similar to our kinda' spooky halloween front porch from last year. Did you know that was our first time ever decorating for halloween? True story!

This year we want to change a few things up, starting with our outdoor rug. Our new diy striped rug will set the tone for our witches a brewing front porch! Find out how to make your own diy striped outdoor rug in 3 easy steps.


STEP ONE | Gather all materials needed.

STEP TWO | Measure out your stripes and tape off the areas you don't want to paint. My rug is 3' x 6' and I wanted my stripes to be 3" wide. Using the dry-brush stippling method, tap your brush in an up and down motion over rug. Remove tape.

STEP THREE | Allow to dry completely. Place on your porch and enjoy!

This is a really easy project that looks great and will cost you a fraction of what you could buy a pre-made striped outdoor rug. Give it a try to spice up your halloween fall porch.

See ya soon!

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Modern Vintage Inspired Rugs

Lately I've been drawn to vintage rugs. Their intricate patterns, the worn spots, the color combinations, all make my heart go pitter pat. An authentic vintage rug price point is not conducive to my budget, however there are several options for vintage inspired rugs that are a fraction of the price. Here are a few of my favorites:

Recently I added the vintage castle medallion rug to my living room. You can see it in my Fab Fall Fest home tour, click HERE.

Tell me what type of area rugs you are drawn to?
See ya soon!

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Our Laundry Room Floor : AquaGuard Amstel Laminate

Hello Sunshine! Today I am so excited to share with you our laundry room floor! It's finished! We chose a premium laminate flooring called AquaGuard in Amstel. It is a water-resistant wood based laminate that looks and feels like the real thing. The laundry room is off our back porch and the boys run in and out with cleats on that are riddled with dirt and we needed something thats durable.

After choosing a floor it took us awhile to actually commit to the project. DIY is not for the faint of heart. What was holding us back aside from shear time was removing the appliances, especially the water heater.

We knew we needed a good solid weekend to work on the floor. Weeks prior my husband removed all the baseboards, so that was out the way. Finally getting tired of the many boxes of flooring cluttering the hallway I, without notice, rented an appliance dolly and it was game on.

Fab Fall Home Tour | Living Room + Front Porch

Hello Sunshine! Fall is my most favorite season and every year I get excited at the first glimpse of it! The cooler temps, hot chocolate, s'mores by the fire pit, pumpkin patch, baking, Thanksgiving, Halloween movie nights, wedge boots, blanket scarves, whats not to love.

I absolutely love to decorate my home! I change things often, always editing and tweaking. My design goal is for our home to always feel welcoming, a place that people can feel right at home. For the most part my home looks pretty much the same throughout the year. However, I amp up the level of cozy in fall.

Fall is a busy season for my family and we spend most of it in the great outdoors. It use to be consumed with soccer but now boys school ball starts in Spring so this year should be a little less hectic. After a long day all I want is to come back home to a cozy environment.

Just a little FYI, you really won't find any traditional fall decorating items in my home. No pumpkins or hues of red, green, or orange. Outside, now that's another story!

We will start off our tour in my living room and conclude out on my front porch. Lately I've been in a blue mood. No I'm not sad just loving any and everything blue. You will notice the blue influence throughout my living room. Lets get started shall we!
The area behind the door, as I call it, houses our tv. Our tv console got a complete makeover with chalk paint. It's now this lovely gray color that pops off the hardwood floors. I thought it was a good idea to start an art gallery wall and recently added a couple more pieces to my existing layout.

The print in the wooden frame is from a local Nashville artist, Ryan Rado. I picked that up at a pop up shop. I love those by the way, it's a great way to meet new interesting people and support the local market. The leaf print is actually a post card from The Menil Collection, a Houston museum. It's of a piece we saw while there last year by Henri Matisse. I can't wait to discover new art and add it to my gallery wall.

My hubby really doesn't like anything surrounding the tv so we often have to come up with a compromise. I moved the tv to one side of the console so that I could create a small vignette. The wooden lantern was a way for me to add back in a warm wood tone paired with a fun colorful bowl filled with leaves for my gratitude tree. You will find that I like to add greenery throughout my home, it provides a layer of softness and texture.

Annie Sloan French Linen TV Console

Hello Sunshine! I recently used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in french linen to makeover my tv console as part of my living room refresh and upcoming fall tour. It's a really pretty gray color that complements the room well.

I ultimately decided to repaint our tv console due to some water damage on the top. Besides the apparent damage I wanted to lighten its dark wood tone through color. If you are interested in seeing how the console table looked before and a little story about how we designed this space through compromise, check it out here.

This is my third piece of furniture I have painted. My first piece was our aubusson blue console table that was also painted with Annie Sloan's chalk paint. But most recently I used a paint sprayer to paint my daughter's dresser as part of Home Depot's DIY Challenge.

I wanted our tv console to look modern. When you tell people you painted a piece with chalk paint they automatically think rustic or chippy worn paint. Well, I'm here to shout it from the rooftops that you can achieve clean, modern results using the same paint.

How to Achieve a Modern Looking Paint Job with Chalk Paint

  • For great results clean piece to remove dust and debris. Tip | You do not have to sand or prime when using chalk paint. I chose not to sand as our console is laminate in areas however I did sand the top to smooth out the water damage.
  • Apply two to three thin coats of paint using a quality brush or foam roller. Allow to dry completely, which is roughly 30 minutes with chalk paint.
  • Lightly sand, if needed, to smooth out any imperfections for a super smooth finish. Remember to remove any dust or debris from sanding.
  • Apply wax with a brush, getting in all the nooks and crannies. Wipe away excess wax with a clean, dry rag. Allow to dry about 24 hours before buffing. This will make your piece shine.

I love how the tv console turned out. In true Darnetha fashion I was a bit nervous. The console no longer blends into the floor but now pops against our hardwood floors. I'm super excited about my upcoming fall tour I'm doing with a fantastic group of blog friends. Stay tuned.

See ya soon!

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Kids Rock Marathon 2016

On May 1, 2016 my youngest son ran in the Kids Rock Marathon in Nashville. The kids marathon basically works like this, over the course of 2 months your little marathoner will log a few miles a week leading up until race day. On race day they complete the last mile of 26.2 miles.

There were a lot of local schools, churches, groups, and individual families running in the marathon! It was a hot afternoon with a threat of thunderstorms looming in the distance. The races were pushed up with age groups being lumped together. Luckily the rain held off and everyone got to race!

This was a fantastic experience not only for my son but for the entire family! My son chose to run with his Dad on race day which was extra special. Many of you know that last year my husband and I started training for the half-marathon. Due to complications with shin splints I can not run, not even now. My husband continued to train until March when he unfortunately had a mini stroke. This run, a year later, no matter the distance meant a lot.

Pink & Gray Nursery

Hello Sunshine! A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to snap a few pictures of my co-workers sweet pink and gray nursery. A few days later she welcomed a healthy baby girl into their lives.

Often, we would talk about what she was planning for her nursery from the furniture to the wall color. She knew immediately that she wanted to incorporate baby elephants into the d├ęcor. I loved the idea of combining baby elephants with the pink and gray palette.

I had received some really pretty handmade pink glass knobs from D. Lawless Hardware and knew they would be a perfect addition to a little girl’s nursery. I loved how they complimented the details in the nursery.
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