Tarva Dresser Hack with Home Depot

Hello Sunshine! Today I’m so excited to share with you a project I did with The Home Depot. Back in June they contacted me to be part of their DIY Challenge. The catch, they would send me a mystery material that I had to work with. My assigned mystery material was millwork. Challenge accepted!

I was extremely excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. I thought up a few great projects that would benefit my family but the one I wanted to tackle was my daughter’s dresser. A while back we had purchased a plain unfinished three drawer dresser that would  function as a nightstand and still be her dresser.

When we placed it beside her bed we knew immediately the legs had to go but we didn’t know how we were ultimately going to finish it. All we knew was that my daughter wanted it white. So it sat like that for over a year, forgotten, until the project.
The planning process was a lot of fun! My daughter and I spent a lot of time hashing out the ideas and details. I wanted the dresser to look unique but yet be something my daughter would still love. There’s a lot of hacks out there for this dresser so I had my work cut out for me.

We took a stroll through The Home Depot’s millwork department and I saw these miniature mouldings. The tinytrim was located at the front of the trim and moulding aisle, just below the decorative moulding. I thought it would be just the thing to finish off her dresser.

Besides the intricate style of the dresser fronts I wanted to add a bit more interest or like I like to say pizzazz. I thought a colorful wallpaper or better yet contact paper would give me that unexpected element. I didn’t want to add it to the bottoms of the drawers but the sides. It’s a happy little surprise every time you open the drawer.

Styling my daughters room was a lot of fun. I like to go to a ton of stores and look around to see what jumps out at me. Often times that means we overbuy but that is a good thing with styling. Not everything you love would look right in your space so I like to say we are auditioning pieces to see what works.

My daughter loves her dresser/nightstand and that right there made it worth every hour and, every minute I put into this. Plus the time we spent laughing, planning, and shopping together!

*A special thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post. All opinions, ideas, and projects are my own.
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Boys Shared Room: Closet Organization Mood Board

Hello Sunshine! Over the weekend the boys and I made plans for their closet and toy storage. They loved the idea of a shelving unit that can house all their toys in bins with a space for their games up top.

Their room is small with limited wall space so I proposed moving one of their dressers, that is to the right of their closet, so we could have room for a shelving unit. I quickly saw how this would ultimately be a bad idea. We would lose a dresser and precious clothes storage.

We had to take the plan back to the drawing board. The things the boys emphasized that they wanted were a rolling cart for their legos and small misc toys, a spot for all their nerf guns, and shelving for shoes.
To help unify and organize our boys shared closet for clothes and toys here is a list of our must haves:

ONE | Different colored hangers will help the boys distinguish what's theirs at a glance. I love these tubular hangers because they are inexpensive, come in an array of colors, and I can buy as little as one or a case of 72.

TWO | To further organize their hanging clothes I really like these colorful rod organizers. But the customization of these could yield into something really unique or coordinate with a theme.

THREE | Paint is a fun way to change any space, whether its an entire room or a small closet. Our boys room is a navy blue and khaki. To compliment the existing paint colors we think a green would play well.

FOUR | I plan on building shelves on one side of the closet to help coral their shoes and on the other side the boys want a rolling cart of some kind. I really like this storage system but I'm not married to the idea.

FIVE | Nerf guns are big in this house but with there long shape and clips, they can be hard to store. I saw a lot of great storage solutions around blogland but none I really would enjoy to look at. My compromise was a circular wire basket like this one.

SIX | For the top of their closet, for little odds and ends, I like this bin but this one is perfect for easy access. They also come with cute gold dots or silver triangles.

Organizing is half the battle. I use to think that pretty boxes and labels would solve all my problems but a good plan and system that works for everyone is key to keeping a space organized. When designing everything doesn't always work out and compromises must be made; like in this simple closet, we realized my initial plan needed revising so we had to regroup. Don't give up in your organizing or design efforts a solution can always be found.

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Toy Storage Inspiration

Hello Sunshine! Today I am back to with more boys shared room goodness. Recap, every Wednesday in the month of August, starting today, I will be right here sharing my progress on improving my boys closet and toy storage. The start of school focused my attention to improve on their shared space.

Every inch of my home must work double duty, therefore I must maximize on its potential the best way I can. I decided that the area just to the right of their closet would no longer hold my youngest son's dresser but now house their toys.

The older they get the less toys I have to contend with, if you don't count the bazillions of little foot magnet legos. They have board games, legos, nerf guns and darts, army and knight men playsets, balls, marble mazes, cars, and electronics.

Since my oldest son doesn't really play with toys much, and the littlest is narrowing his toys down the older he gets, I want a toy storage solution that will grow with them and look great even without toys around.

Toy Storage Inspiration

I think a bookcase type storage system would benefit and provide the versatility they need in a unit. Getting the boys together this weekend to finalize some plans. Meet me back here next week for more boys shared room closet progress. See ya soon!

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Good Eats

Hello Sunshine! One thing I love to do is to read cook books. Don't tell me I'm the only one who does this. Besides a good cookbook I love to scour the interwebs for new recipes to try. A lot of the time they are hit or miss but sometimes I find a great recipe that my whole family loves.

Here are 10 good eats that I have tried, tested, and have received a thumbs up from the CS family! I'm sure your family will love them as well.

ONE | Grilled Mexican Street Corn that will leave you wanting more. The mayonnaise blend will serve more than the recipe entails, so save it for leftovers the next day. Loved how a sprinkling of chili powder gave it a hint of sweetness.

TWO | You may never want to buy a plain roasted chicken again once you try this Roast Garlic and Lemon Chicken. It is so juicy and flavorful!

THREE | I'm always looking for healthy foods that are heart healthy and low-sodium. On fathers day I served healthy tuna stuffed avocado and it was a hit. Instead of using mayo to combine the ingredients you use avocado. I'm not a fan of avocado but I loved this!

FOUR | We eat a lot of chicken and at times it gets a little boring but there's nothing boring about these Chili Lime Chicken thighs. I decreased the amount of lime due to my kids finding it a little overpowering, but my husband and I like it both ways.

FIVE | Any chance I get I love to use fresh herbs. If you are looking for a great side dish to serve along side your main dish look no further than these Buttered Red Potatoes with Dill.

SIX | Want a tasty summer dish that's easy to make, try Ina's Linguine with Shrimp Scampi. Yum!

SEVEN | Another summer dish that my kids love is my friend's Fresh Corn with Ricotta Pasta recipe. I was pleasantly surprised that they love it as much as they do. Make sure that you use fresh corn off the cob, it makes a difference.

EIGHT | A great substitute for a hamburger is a turkey burger. This one will not disappoint.

NINE | I never in a million years would think that I would like an egg dish. If you are close to me then you know that I have never liked eggs. I don't know what it is but this Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Quiche is fantastic! I sub out the bacon for thick cut ham.

TEN | I love a dish I can throw in my dutch oven in the morning and by the afternoon it's ready for the table. I pair Ree's Spicy Dr.Pepper Shredded Pork with my homemade cole slaw on a bun. Finger licking good. However I'm a bit of a wimp and can only put half a can of chipotle peppers in.

For more recipes follow my Good Eats pinterest board:
See ya soon!

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Boys Shared Room: Closet and Toy Organization

Hello Sunshine! In a few short days, Wednesday to be exact, my kids will be back in school. With the start of each new school year I like to have everything in order from a well stocked school supply cabinet and homework caddy to cleaned rooms.

In the midst of getting ready for their first day back to school I realized that I needed to focus my attention on the boys shared closet. It was in desperate need of some organization, decluttering, and storage solutions. I can't tell you how many times my boys couldn't find a soccer cleat or shin guard because of the mess in the bottom of their closet.

It was time to pull everything out and assess the situation head on. Without adequate storage their toys, games, shoes, and sports equipment were often thrown about, resulting in a mess. Their closet is a great size for two young boys but as you will see below it wasn't being utilized properly.

Over the next few weeks I will be transforming their closet and sharing the process on how I intend on maximizing it's potential. Look for these posts every Wednesday morning in the month of August, starting next week. Here is how their closet looked before and the stuff I pulled out of it:
I included a picture of the space right outside of their closet that currently houses their small tv and my youngest son's dresser. I intend on designating that area for their toys and games. Come back next week to see my inspiration for their toy storage.

See ya soon!

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2016 Goals Check-In: See How We Are Doing

Hello Sunshine! We are a little over 7 months into the year and I wanted to check-in and share our progress on our 2016 home and personal goals. This year is my year to FOCUS not only on my home but more on myself and our finances. Let's jump right in!



We are still miles away from this room being finished. There are a lot of things holding us back, mainly time. In February I took a full-time job and that has consumed a big chuck of my day. I added new hardware to my upper cabinets and we purchased new flooring. We are hoping to carve out sometime in the next week or two for our installation day. But if I'm being completely honest, there are a lot of large appliances we are not too fond of moving, like the water heater.


We have curtains and they are linen but they still need to be lined and hemmed. I will have an update soon on my blank wall. I won an art print from Minted and Chris Loves Julia which helped with my art wall. I still have a couple more prints to pick out but it's coming along nicely.


Um, yeah, lets not even talk about this one! Okay. Okay.



I've made big strides in my personal health goals. I didn't want to focus solely on my weight but on my overall health and workout regime. I found that I need a partner to workout with. It's key for me to hold myself accountable. One of my co-workers was game and off we went. We have taken kickboxing and zumba classes. Kickboxing is awesome but extremely intense! After I am cleared by my doctors from a pinched nerve I have been nursing for a week we are taking our first Pilates class.

In the few short weeks of me committing to working out regularly I have lost 2 inches off my waist and I love that! Another thing I thought would never happen, no matter how many times my husband told me, was that working out would become addictive. And it is!


I quickly got in a rut of eating out while I was finishing up a big project (that I can't wait to share with you) and quickly got my wake up call at my yearly physical. My cholesterol levels were elevated and I can't have that. So back to planning out and actually cooking meals at home. We eat really clean as it is but that fast food was taking its toll on my body.


This is highly personal and I never talk money but we want to be debt free. To date, from the beginning of 2016, we have paid off 5 bills! 5 bills! Cue happy dance! We have 6 to go but we plan on having most paid off by the end of year, if not all, fingers crossed.

What was one thing you wanted to accomplish this year and actually did it? See ya soon!

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At the Farm: Mini Photo Series

Hello Sunshine! On Thursday, May 5th I chaperoned my sons class trip to the farm. The same lovely little farm where we go strawberry pickin'. It felt like a chilly, breezy March day but in May. A rare day to fire up our fire pit and roast marshmallows. We had to wear jackets but by the end of the trip we were all shivering.

My children's field trips are very nostalgic for me. They happen few and far between and I think they go less and less every year but it's one of my favorite things to do. 

The kids were more interested in aerating the soil in the raised planters and role-playing with a real farmers market stand. However I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. From planning a garden to proper plant spacing, that you should allow your soil to rest by planting a cover crop that will add nutrients back to the soil, and we learned how to operate a strawberry picker. It was a great day to spend with my son and his classmates!

At the Farm Mini Photo Series
See ya soon!
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