Dinosaurs At The Zoo

Last week my sons kindergarten class took a field trip to our local zoo to see the dinosaur exhibit. They have been learning about dinosaurs all week and this trip was the icing on the cake. With this being a trip focused on dinosaurs, we didn't get to see many of the animals the zoo had to offer but we did see a few.
When you walk in the first thing you see are these beautiful Macaws. I love their vibrate color. In the distance we could hear these loud calls. I asked my group what they thought it was and they both said monkeys. We rounded the corner to see the little noise makers and they were Gibbons, a type of ape.
We went into the Unseen New World before heading to the DinoTrek. We saw all shorts of creepy crawlers and sea creatures. My favorite were the sea horses. My son did not like the tarantulas, you should see his face when he talks about how hairy they are. We also witnessed an anaconda shedding its skin. Amazing.

The dinosaurs were absolutely amazing. They moved and made noises. There even was a Dilophosaurus that sprayed the kids with water. They loved that! I knew that most dinosaurs were large and in charge but to see how big they actually were while standing next to them was surprising and a little terrifying.
I will definitely be taking my kids back to see more of our zoo. I hear they have kangaroos! The highlight of my day was just being in my son. Me and him! See ya soon!

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Inspirational Wednesday - Because He Lives

Because He Lives! This hymn brings back many memories of Easter Sunday. All my life my parents took me to church. On Easter I would get a new dress, shiny shoes, my hair done all up in curls and a big basket full of delicious treats. We would sit in church all done up pretty and listen to the life of our Savior, how he died and how he rose on the 3rd day. As an adult, I do much of the same. I host a egg hunt, plan a big basket for my kids, dye eggs, buy new outfits and go to church.

I love all the traditions we create together and part of that is to teach my children about Christ. Easter or as we like to call it Resurrection Day is a day to remember that Jesus paid it all. And all to Him we owe.

This year my daughter and I have a movie date to watch The Passion of the Christ. When I first saw it, I was taken aback and brought to tears. How could he have willingly done that for us? Us. For me it gave me a deeper appreciation. See ya soon!

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Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Hello Sunshine! We had such a lovely weekend, the weather was absolutely beautiful. A perfect weekend to host our 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt. Many of our family and friends came out to celebrate with us. The kids always have a blast and leave with tons of candy. It's so funny that the ladies hung out on the back porch, the men around the grill and the kids were divided between my sons room and the trampoline.
The Invite :: I usually use our local paper store but I found these cute invites on etsy and had to order. They turned out great. I love the bunny and the soft pastel colors.
We had so many eggs. It took longer to put them out than the kids to gather them all up. We had about 460 eggs. Wow! Like I said everyone left with plenty of candy! Our friends son found our prize egg and won a 2-lb solid chocolate bunny. Lets talk about a sugar high. To the parents, you are welcome! Lol!
The Menu :: Barbecue Chicken | Bake Beans | Kicked-up Cole Slaw | Cheesecake with a Cherry Topping | Sweet Tea

My friend made the most delicious cheesecake for us and everybody raved over it. It was very creamy and delectable. I will probably have to make my bake beans from here on out. People would walk up and ask, "Did you make your world's famous bake beans!" Um, yeah! It does make you feel good when people tell you your food is the bomb dot com. Many of our friends brought candy in to help fill the eggs and I want to say thank you!
I must share that for the first time in my life I was stung by something. I was sitting there on the porch talking with the ladies when a rude insect stung me under my armpit. The consensuses is that the culprit was a sweat bee. It hurt so bad, let me tell you. Besides my new found nemesis everything went on without a hitch and I'm glad everyone had a fun time.

Did you attend an egg hunt this weekend? What is your favorite candy this time of year? Mine is the infamous Cadbury Egg. See ya soon!

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Choosing A Paint Color

I would've love to show you my completed console table today, all adorned in a perfect shade of paint but... You see, I'm a very indecisive person and a lot of times I can't move forward on projects because I get bogged down in the details. Some decisions come easy like deciding to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint verse Enamel Paint by Benjamin Moore. But, what is taking so long? Choosing a paint color.
Choosing a color is harder than you may think. I have pondered, stressed, asked family a few hundred times since I first told you I was going to paint our console. I narrowed down my paint choices and then tried to choose from there.
You may be happy to know that I finally made a decision with the help of my husband and the Annie Sloan stockist and I can't wait to show you which one of these colors we chose.

To have a little fun I would love to see which color you would have told me to paint our console. Simply vote using the poll below and lets see if you are right.

online poll by Opinion Stage

See ya soon!

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DIY: Silhouette Easter Egg

DIY Silhouette Easter Egg | ChippaSunshine
For the past 2 years we have hosted our annual Easter egg hunt and every year we try to incorporate something new. Last year was the first year doing a prize egg and we want to continue with this new tradition.

I wanted to make our prize egg this go around and thought a bunny silhouette glitter Easter egg would be extra special to find. It would be a keepsake for the lucky boy or girl to keep along with their extra special surprise.

Here's How You Make It
DIY Silhouette Easter Egg | ChippaSunshine
What You Need :
paper mache egg
two colors of craft paint
paint brush

How To Make :
1 | Paint egg in the background color of your choice. I chose MS multi-surface in Mother of Pearl. Do a couple of coats and allow to dry.
2 | Place your sticker or vinyl cut-out on the egg and smooth out and flatten all the edges. You don't want your top-coat paint to seep underneath.
3 | Paint egg in the top-coat color of your choice. I chose MS glitter in Feldspar. Do a couple of coats to achieve the glitteryness or shade you desire. Allow to dry.
4 | Carefully remove sticker.
5 | Happily hide for an unexpected boy or girl to find!
DIY Silhouette Easter Egg | ChippaSunshine

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Inspirational Wednesday - Laughter

"Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. My soul probably looks like Fred Astaire." Jarod Kintz

Anybody who knows me, knows I love to laugh. I laugh often, long, and loud. Maybe a little too loud sometimes but laughing is joyous and contagious. Remember it takes more muscles to frown than it takes to smile. Scientific fact! I hope you catch a case of the giggles, so let's smile and laugh loud together today. See ya soon!

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ChippaSunshine Gets A New Look

Hello Sunshine! It's a new week, a new month and a new look for my blog. I'm lovin the new design. It has a more streamlined, clean and modern look. The pops of coral and teal add a playful touch and I couldn't be happier.
The blog design isn't the only change around here. You may have noticed that the blog was completely shut down over the weekend. I switched my blogspot address to my own custom domain and you can now find us at our new location www.chippasunshine.com. Exciting!

Thanks for sticking with me through my changes! There are more to come! Take a look around and let me know what you think.

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