One Room Challenge Week Two - Master Bedroom: The Plan

Hello Sunshine! Here we are starting fresh on another week of the Fall One Room Challenge. I can genuinely say I am already feeling the pressure to stay on schedule. Last week did not go to plan however everything is turning out so good. Before we go any further, let's discuss our style, room inspiration, and the art piece that is the center of our design.


I cannot pinpoint a name for my design style but it's somewhere between minimalist meets classic meets contemporary. I tend to describe it as warm modern or cozy minimalist. I say all that cause we like to put names to things but if I'm being true, for me, it all boils down to how I want to feel in my room.

I love the look the classic, modern pieces that have to be comfortable and inviting. My space has to lack clutter. I feel overwhelmed in busy spaces and that is not the feeling I want in my bedroom. I prefer a simplistic neutral color palette with a little bit of color. I want everything in our room to be intentional and purposeful.

The important things we want to add to our room is an upholstered bed, large statement art over the bed, nightstand for my husband, and lighting. The things that will remain the same is the rug, my night stand, our dresser, and the curtains with a little tweak.

The number one thing that excited me most about our master bedroom design is our new bed. The bed is here and I'm about to bust at the seams in excitement to open up that box.


Source: Emily Henderson

Source: Cate Holcombe


  1. Clear out room
  2. Repair walls
  3. Prime
  4. Paint


  1. Paint
  2. Shampoo rug
  3. Install new bed
  4. Source new sheets

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  1. Hey Darnetha. The design is very nice. I love everything about this room. Will there be any bold colors?

    1. Thank you for stopping by Lady Johnson! The only pop of color in our room will come from our existing teal curtains that tie into the art piece we will be installing over the bed.

  2. It is going to be so pretty! Can't wait to see it in a few more weeks!

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by! The room is turning out great and I can't wait for my artwork to be ready for pick up.


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