One Room Challenge Week Five - Master Bedroom: The Walls

Hello Sunshine! We are entering 'Week Five' of the One Room Challenge. It's been a couple of weeks of radio silence from me. I haven't dropped the ball on our master bedroom redesign. We have been at a stand still due to longer than normal shipping dates and my art taking two weeks to get finished. On top of all that graduate school deadlines have taken precedence and has kept me quite busy with projects, assignments, and readings.

So lets back track a bit to the project that topped our to do list: The Walls.

Our walls were cracked, severely in some areas, and very dingy. We knew going into the project this would be the main area we would need to focus on. I went back and forth on if we would DIY the wall repair or hire it out. I wasn't completely confident on repairing the large crack in the corner and throw in the ceiling cracks, I was overwhelmed.

We found a guy who would repair all the cracks in the walls and ceiling and we decided to prime and paint ourselves. Originally I wanted to lime wash our walls but I couldn't find a company that was reasonable and that could deliver in a timely manner, if you factor in ordering samples first. Instead, I simply went with paint. I also toyed with idea of shiplap but I am on a tight budget and hiring out the wall repairs kind of ate into that budget.

With the walls repaired and painted, the room already felt and looked a thousand times better!

The last time I posted, our to do list was to paint, shampoo our existing rug, install our new bed, and source 100% cotton sheets. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that we have a situation with our bed. The bed is beautiful however the dimensions are a bit off. You can see the support slats and that is driving me batty. If you make the bed a certain way you can't tell but I KNOW. Y'all feel me on that right, if you know something isn't quite right, that thing will bug you.

Another issue with the bed is that I did not account for the overhang on the sides of the bed and the bed is wider and therefore takes up precious real-estate in our already small room. So much so we had to go back to the drawing board on a nightstand for my husbands side of the room. We have a pretty great alternative to my midcentury modern nightstand I originally wanted. It should arrive this week!


  1. Wait on new nightstand to arrive
  2. Wait on call to pick up artwork
  3. Buy pleater tape for curtains
  4. Sew curtains
  5. Install roman shade and curtains

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