Fall Planting

Two weekends ago I wanted to update my planters and my flower beds that are on either side of my front porch. In about three hours over the course of two days I finished all of my planting. Here's an instagram shot of me working away with my straw hat on.

I try to keep things 'simple'...that is my one word New Year's resolution commitment to myself for 2012. So there isn't a lot going on just a few fall approved plants and some pumpkins and a gourd that I affectionately named Gourdy. I am the only one who adores him everyone else in my humble abode doesn't like him...he is so misunderstood. :)

Close up of my pumpkins and a top view of Gourdy.

About 3 months ago I replaced my one cracked planter with two concrete ones. They are heavy, tall and have a modern feel.

Here is a closer view of the flower bed. I am so proud that my mums I planted last year came back this year. 4 out of 6 came back and I only had to purchase 2 for this year! You can tell which one I purchased ...it's the one already blooming.

Here is the anatomy of my flower beds....I think these close up photos turned out fantastic. It really captures the essence of each individual plant.
Purple Mum / Flowering Cabbage
Russian Sage / Viola
 Have you done any fall decorating or planting? I would love to hear from you! See ya soon!


  1. Everything is beautiful, you have encouraged me to do something to my yard

    1. Its always a lot of work but the payoff and curb appeal is so worth it!


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