I recently had a piece of art custom framed. I had waited long enough and was tired of having it stashed behind my dresser. I confess...I procrastinate a lot and this blog is nudging me to complete projects that have taken far to long to complete.

A little back story on the sister drew this piece when she was in middle school. Her art teacher had all the students draw a self portrait that would be entered in a local contest. Her drawing won a blue ribbon! This is one of the first drawings I remember her doing and it is special to me because it signifies her youth, ambition and dreams.

I got my custom framing done at Michael's. I used an coupon that was worth 75% off. They have tons of frames and mats to choose from with different types of glass and acrylics. They walk you through the whole process and will show you how your choices will look.

They make suggestions based on your type of artwork, this helped me a ton, cause just standing there looking at that wall of frames made me terrified of picking something. The framer that helped me was patient and I think we did a good job choosing. We picked a simple frame in a color that I don't think I would have ever choose 'GREEN.' Anybody that knows me knows I am a creature of habit and as far as frames is concerned 'black' is my go to color.

I am so glad I allowed myself to branch out of my comfort zone. I am making a gallery wall down my hallway and this will be my jumping off point. I want to also include on my gallery wall art pieces from my children and I have a baby dress I want to frame in a shadowbox. It will look great when I finish and it will be fun and whimsical.

Well without further is 'Sunflower' in all its framed glory!
Have you custom framed anything lately? Or do you have a piece of artwork or photographs stached away awaiting some love? See you soon!


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