There Are No Words

There are no words that can really express how I feel. I refrained from watching any sort of news coverage this weekend. After finding out what happened on Friday in Newtown, CT I was filled with an array of emotions. To simply put it I am completely heartbroken for the families who have to endure such turmoil.  I can't talk about what happened without my eyes welling up with tears. How could this happen? Why? There is no way to lean on my own understanding, I can only pray to my Father...for him to provide strength and peace during this trying time to everyone involved.  My heart goes out to the families, first-responders, Newtown community, and the nation.

I held my babies a little tighter this weekend, completely engulfing myself in them. I can't imagine the pain those parents, husbands, wives, and children are going through right now, but my heart breaks for them.


  1. All I could say is Amen. I agree and I'm praying for them also

  2. Its extremely sad! All we can do is pray for those families and embrace ours.


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