December 2012 Photo-A-Day

I took the December photo-a-day challenge created by Fat Mum Slim just like I did back in November. It was a complete FAIL, well maybe not a complete fail, I only took 14 pictures out of 31. Check me out on instagram @chippasunshine and catch my daily snip-its of this thing we call life!

I don't know about you but December is just one of those months that you allow certain things to slip to make time for others. I had an absolute blast with my kids during their time off from school. We did all sorts of things, relaxed and watched movies. We wore pajamas all day and stayed up way too late and it was sad to actually see them head off back to school yesterday.

Anywho, here are the pictures that I took for this challenge, most pictures were taken out of order:
Day 1: 8 o'clock - Spent all morning waiting in line for my daughter to audition for Mid State Orchestra. This is a picture of her and her twin buddies the M's!
Day 2: Peace - When he is sitting down and quiet for more than 5 minutes, that's peace! Here we are enjoying ice-cream at Baskin Robbins.
Day 3: Something I Held - Started painting my living room but couldn't finish because of the Christmas tree and decorations. Has anyone ever started a painting project and had to abandon ship so half your room is painted and the rest isn't? No, just me!
Day 4: Black & White
Day 5: Looking Up - Things were starting to look up with my complicated craft project.
Day 7: Stars - Twine wrapped Christmas star finished!
Day 8: Someone I Love - He puts up with all my stuff and helps with my many projects! Here he is putting up my new laundry room light fixture.
Day 9: Out & About - We went on a Walk Thru Bethlehem and had a great time.
Day 11: Sweet - Baked up some deliciously sweet chocolate chip cookies.
Day 12: Hat - Dr. J rocking his Christmas gift, his Greek fisherman's cap. My husband loves hats and you will very rarely see him without one.
Day 13: Lights
Day 16: Something I Made - Well I didn't make this but my son J worked hard on his Star Wars Luke Skywalker's X-wing Fighter model he got for Christmas.
Day 26: Mess - The tree had to come down. We took the tree down actually 2 days after Christmas. It was sad to it go but it was dry and brittle and I really needed my house to go back to normal.
Day 31: Self-Portrait

If you want to participate in this months photo-a-day challenge then head on over to Fat Mum Slim and check out her January challenge. I want my husband to do a guest post on his top documentaries. We watch a lot of documentaries, they are so informative and you might just enjoy one or two of them. We will see if he is game. If not I will show you some before pictures of my living room. See ya soon!

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