Living Room Reveal

A little over a week ago, I showed you the before shots of my living room with the old paint colors. I started painting the living room early December and a month later I finished. Never start a painting project in the midst of a major holiday, like Christmas. This has been the longest paint job in the history of mankind! Well it's all complete and I absolutely love the new paint color.

I painted the living room Camouflage by Benjamin Moore.The color is true to its name, it is like a soft/light green but in certain light it appears tan or gray. My husband usually gives me the ok on most things I want to do but this time he really didn't want to give up the original paint colors (he pick those out himself). He trusted me and my vision and now he loves the new color more!

This is the first time I painted a room this size all by myself and I don't ever want to do it again. :) This was also the first time I painted an entire room without using tape! Another thing that aided in the room taking a long time to paint was that I chose to prime it before painting. I normally would have just painted but when I painted a test spot the color was distorted.
I have some big plans for our living room and to try to see how it would look I rearranged the furniture. Its going to be so fantastic when we are able to make those changes. I am not going to lead you on and have you all wondering what I am going to do with the space. I have added a list of things we plan on doing at the end of this post!

Here is the living room all decked out in its new color and the furniture moved to its new permanent locations:
Here is a side by side comparison for your viewing pleasure:
You may have noticed a couple blank walls and even though for me that is refreshing, one blank wall soon will be filled with art.

Living Room To-Do List
Hang art next to window
Make a piece of artwork to hang on the other side of the window
Reupholster banker chairs
Buy a sectional
Build a shelving unit/bookcase
Buy or make new sofa pillows
Open up wall between living room and kitchen
Add a bar top
Buy bar stools

In the second living room picture, you see that bare wall with the bookcase on it, that wall butts up against the kitchen. We want to have a more open feel so the upper half of the wall will be removed. We also want to have a bar top/counter top with 3 bar stool/chairs so that there is a place to sit and eat. When the kitchen is redone, our table and chairs will be omitted for more cabinetry and counter space, and the kids will need a place to dine.

So what do you think of our color changes and plans for the space? I hope you like it, Mom! See ya soon!


  1. The new color looks great! I love all the natural light your living room has! Your green lamps makes me happy :) Love fun colored lamps:) Looking forward to seeing your plans coming together I love open spaces too

  2. I love the color and Iove the way you rearranged the furniture it makes it look big like that girl you are full of ideas your just like your mother. Keep up the good work and I love the idea of the half wall

  3. The paint color looks great! Those banker chairs will be really great with some new fabric. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. I like your new paint color. You chose well, and everything looks great. (I cannot paint without making a huge mess.) I also like your kitty.


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