Outdoor Rug Ideas: Back Porch

One of my 2013 home goals is to makeover my back porch area. I want to add an outdoor rug, colorful chair cushions, hang my outdoor curtains, add some shade plants and install a ceiling fan. Spring will soon be here and with spring comes Easter. Our family host an annual Easter Egg Hunt and I would love for my porch area to be ready in time for the festivities.

Our porch is a mess right now so a good cleaning is in order. As soon as it warms up a bit I will be out there straightening things up. My porch serves a few purposes. A comfortable spot to lounge on our outdoor furniture drinking sweet tea and watching the bambini play, a parking spot for Dr.J's Eleanor {his motorcycle} and our gardening storage area.

A good starting point for this makeover is to chose an outdoor rug. World Market is having a sale on rugs at the present moment so I wanted to jump on that since their rugs don't go on sale often. I also found some well priced rugs at Lowes. I will be shopping around, a lot of places are having President Day Sales.

A few things I have to consider when shopping for a rug for this space are size, shape, UV protection, outdoor rated, color and price. Size is really important, I want the rug confined only to the sitting area. I have to come to grips that Eleanor has to be parked there and I don't want it driven on. Color is extremely important, I don't want to commit to a vibrant color and in a month be tired of it, that is why I love neutrals. I want to pull color in my design through the cushions and flowers.

Here are some of the top contenders I've found so far:
1. World Market 2. World Market 3. World Market 4. World Market 5. World Market 6. Lowes 7. Lowes 8. Lowes
I love them all but the one I am drawn to the most  is #6; mainly because the price point for the size and its neutral enough that I can add any color to the space. Tell me what you think. Which one or ones do you like? Do you know of any more rugs I should check out? Thanks in advance! See ya soon!
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  1. I like 2 & 6. #2 bc of the color and design. They work well together and you would still be able to bring in more vibrant colors elsewhere. #6 bc its plain and the color is neutral so you could have loads of fun with that. Ultimately its all about your design scheme for which rug would best fit the space. In my conclusion outdoor spaces are great and should have life and lots of color. #4 is awesome too but only for my house bc I like bright colors (thought I would throw that in) :-)

    1. I know you love color and you know I am a plain jane. I do love #2, it has a great pattern. #4 suits you oh so well. This is going to be a hard choice, J is only going for #6 because its inexpensive.

  2. Its a hard choice but ill choose #6 bc you can do a lot and like J say "right price"..you have a winner

  3. I only like number 6 cause it looks like an outdoor rug and because you can put any color with that

  4. I say #2 because I just love anything in the orange and red family.

  5. I like #4 because like anything in the red and orange family.

  6. I like #2 & #6 -- both would work well with lots of colors

  7. No6 its a solid color you can add all sort of items to it shoety

  8. I agree that you should bring your colors in with your accessories as you mentioned above. I like number 8, which is close in color to 6 (the most popular one). :)


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