Valentine Treat Boxes

Happy Monday! Valentine's Day is this Thursday! I hope you all are ready for love day. We don't really celebrate but the kids on the other hand love to get and give special valentines. My daughter is in middle school and they don't tend to do valentines, but she still likes to give a few to her BFF's. As far as middle school is concerned this will be the first year she has given out candy, in the past she has given out nail polish, note pads and bath bombs.
Together we came up with these cute valentine treat boxes to give out to her friends after some brainstorming sessions. They are so easy to put together and any girl would love to receive one. Here is what you will need:
Favor Boxes - I saw these cute opaque boxes that had see through hearts on them, so valentines day. I found them at Michael's in the wedding section.
M&M's - She only wanted to use pink, red and white M&M's, so we bought the valentine milk chocolate variety. They also came in mini's and peanut.
Wooden Hearts - I had these lying around from another project.
(Not pictured)
Paint and Paint Brush
Ribbon or Embroidery Thread - I used both, cause I ran out of ribbon. I had both on hand, again from other projects.
Crepe Paper - You can get this from the dollar store!
Hot Glue Gun

First, you must assemble the favor boxes. I had to play around with it a bit before I figured out how to secure the bottom. We put together nine. Be very careful with these, the tops kept breaking off. I also found some in the pack broken already. Then fill with whatever you like.
Now you are done unless you want to add a little pizzazz. I like that word, say it with me "Pizzazz!" I then put ribbon around it, like you would a present. I made some crepe paper ruffles to go under the wooden hearts. Oh I forgot, I painted the wooden hearts purple. That was the only color we had on hand.
To make the ruffles cut a length of crepe paper. I didn't measure but I will say about 12 inches would work. Start to gather the paper in your fingers. Gather it all the way to the end. Then secure the ends together with a little dab of hot glue, to form a circle. Now glue it to the top of your treat boxes. I did fettle with it a bit to get the best look. Then glue your heart on top. Done!
I had to share, that my daughter thinks the crepe ruffles look like prayer caps. Do ya'll know what a prayer cap is? Tomorrow I will share my son J's valentines. See ya soon!


  1. So so so adorable. Imma have to step my valentines gift up. My dear niece set the bar really high this year. Simple enough but it says a lot.

  2. Those are wonderful Pictures...I must say you blow me away!

  3. These are seriously so cute. I love them so much. I agree with the comment above, your pictures are really nice.

  4. These are adorable!!
    We just found your blog and would like to invite you to link up at our link party that goes live tonight.

    The Busy Bee's,
    Myrna and Joye.

  5. These are so sweet. I love the embellishments. Following also. Linda

  6. Very cute idea and easy for my son to help with too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Amanda and this is a great treat to do with kids! They would have fun filling all the boxes with candy and nibbling on some in the process.


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