Best of February

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. It snowed here and we spent the weekend indoors relaxing! I made a terrarium with some hen and chicks I found at the Home Depot. It turned out better than I had expected and I will share the photo's soon.

This year is flying by and Easter will be here soon with the start of spring. Evidence of springs arrival has started with my cherry bushes starting to bud and daffodils blooming in neighboring yards. I can't help but get anxious for the warmer weather to come.

 I am continuing the monthly round-up of my top 4 not-to-miss posts from February.
My children and I did a little crafting and sweet making in honors of Valentines Day last month. My daughter and I made the sweetest treat boxes for a few of her best friends. For my son's 3rd grade class we made some ridiculously funny and whimsical mustache lollipops. I enlisted your help with choosing an outdoor rug for my back porch. Thank you all who gave me your opinion. Busy moms, I hope you check out my one-dish pasta skillet dinner. It is so simple to make with easy clean-up and an added bonus it taste delicious, too.

In February, I also started doing Inspirational Wednesdays. I love finding and sharing interesting quotes that can be fun, sentimental, emotional or thought provoking. If you have any quotes you would like for me to share, leave me a comment or email me and I will post them on Wednesday's. See ya soon!

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  1. Love your monthly recap! I'm still in shock its March, 2013 is flying by!


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