Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Monday! Over the weekend my mom celebrated a very special milestone birthday! I wish I could have been back home with her to celebrate. I thought it would be sweet to share a photo of us together. This is me and my mom. Isn't she so pretty? 

I get my creativeness from my mom, her knack is in flower arrangements. She makes the most beautiful arrangements! We always joked that we should go in business together. My mom is my go to person for decorating, I haven't done a project without bouncing ideas off her. I know she must get tired of me, my project planning is endless, but she never lets on. She's simply the best!
I am so lucky I have such an amazing mom. She has filled each and everyday of my life with joy, happiness and love and I cannot thank her enough. 

Mom you are loved much more than words can tell, not just on your birthday but on every single day!
Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Such a sweet post. Your mom is beautiful.

  2. I almost cried looking at yal. My eyes are full of tears. That is so sweet!!!! She is the best mom ever, what beautiful memories we all share...


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