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Happy Friday! This weekend we are hosting our annual Easter egg hunt. The eggs are filled and the kids are excited! I am hoping the weather cooperates, these past few days it has turned cold and raining. The porch is as ready as it's going to get for this weekend.

A month ago I asked for your help in choosing an outdoor rug for my back porch. I showed you eight rugs that I found online from Lowe's and World Market. The popular choice was #2 and #6 but a couple of you liked #4 and #8. I compared the lot and quickly started eliminating.

I was looking for an relatively large rug that was outdoor rated with UV protection. Besides the ultimate factor of price I wanted something that I could hose down when, not if, my kids get mud on it. The one rug that met all my requirements was #6.
When I got the rug home, I immediately thought I made the wrong choice. It wasn't the color I thought it would be, to me it is more of a brownish color than gray. It is the right size, my entire patio set can fit on it! I didn't want to judge it too quickly, so I let it stay to see how I felt about it for a couple of days. Well, it's going to stay!

My yard gets muddy when it rains and desert like in the summer, so you know what that means. DIRT. My kids are the best when it comes to tracking in dirt. The dirt will blend perfectly in with the rug and I can keep my sanity. If I had chosen something like #4 I would be in a panic every time they went outside.

Without further ado, I present to you my new outdoor rug! And of course the rug in these pics looks grayish. Ha!

These pictures make me want to run out and buy some paint to paint over my concert patio. It is in bad shape. I just have to keep repeating to myself, this summer, this summer. :) It's a work in progress.

I added my patio furniture and my vision is starting to come together. If some of you are wondering why I am not utilizing the entire space to the back side of the rug, near the house, I have to leave room for Eleanor. Eleanor is my husbands motorcycle and that is her parking space. :)

Next week I will be back to share my chair cushions that I chose for the porch. I am on the hunt for some pillows to add to the space as well. When I get back from vacation I will be able to plant my shade loving flowers in a couple of new planters.

So, tell me, what do you think so far? Are you starting to spruce up your patio and yard? Or is it just too cold? Until next week, see ya soon!


  1. ooh, I love your patio furniture! The rug looks nice too :) Its going to look great!

  2. It looks great with the furniture! And, the furniture will help keep kids and others from just running across with their dirty shoes to get to the door. I can't wait to see the cushions, and in the summer... the patio painted! ;) Enjoy the Easter Egg hunt weekend!

    Tina - Amanda's Books and More

  3. Love the rug that you selected, along with the patio furniture. Very cute! Can't wait to see it after you add the pillows!


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