Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Friday Friends! On March 23 my family hosted our annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was cold and cloudy all day and we lucked up and it didn't rain until the last guest had left. Despite the cold we had a lovely time with our friends and family. We had about 33 lovely guest at our home, of which 18 were kids, ready to egg hunt.
Remember our eggtastic list of invites we shared. We ultimately chose an invite from our local paper store. It reads, "Hop on over for our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt." I removed some sensitive information from the photo below, never know who is reading my little ole blog. 
The weeks leading up to our hunt, my boys helped fill 330 eggs! That's a lot of eggs my friends!
Along with the egg hunt I like to provide lunch. My sister helped me put together a great menu. It included all of our favorite party foods.
My Famous Bake Beans
Barbecue Chicken Wings
Potato Salad
Nothing Bundt Cakes - Red Velvet and Lemon
Drinks - Water, Sweet Tea and Capri-sun

My friends are awesome and insisted on bringing a dish as well. They blessed us with some awesome bean dip with tortilla chips, fruit tea, fruit salad, soda and Easter themed plates/cups/cutlery. Thank you!

I didn't take any pictures of the event myself, right before the kids came running out to collect there bounty of eggs I remembered the camera. Dr.J took on the responsibility of camera man and snapped some photos for me. After the hunt he handed me the camera and said you are not going to like them. Well, take a look!
My daughter and one of her best friends!
The egg hunt is off to a good start! Look at my boy diving in the trampoline!
We had to get creative with hiding the eggs cause my yard has minimum hiding places. The fence is a good spot!
Racing to get the last egg!

New this year, we added a prize egg. The child that found that egg would get a ginormous purple bunny. We did not let the kids know about the prize egg to add to the surprise. After the last egg was found, I asked who found the chicken egg. The winner held it up and I told her what she had won. You should have seen her face, it was priceless.
We had a blast ,even in the cold. I love hosting this event! I can't wait until next years egg hunt, my daughter has already started brainstorming some fun ideas. Next year Easter is in April and hopefully warmer. Not pictured we also had a guess how many contest with jelly beans. My daughter won and shared her candy with the crowd. Adults were allowed to participate but no one could phantom that there were 490 jelly beans in that tiny jar.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be taking it easy and catching up on some blogging. See ya soon!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! You really put your heart into preparing for the egg hunt. I'm glad the rain held off and you all had a great time!

  2. Looks like a great Easter Egg hunt! We want to host one in our backyard too next year, I can't wait!

    1. It will be so much fun, just seeing the kids faces is a delight while they try to grab those eggs.

  3. The kids are having so much fun. I'm glad that it was a success.

    1. Me too and I had a blast at your place for your party! Mary had me in stitches!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome. Why do you have to live so far we never get to join in on the fun. Lol. JOB WELL DONE

    1. I know right! I hate that my nieces and nephew aren't here to join in on the fun, they would love it!


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