Mother's Day Weekend in Review

My weekend festivities started early Friday morning, I chaperoned my daughters orchestra trip. We traveled to Louisville and Cincinnati. Our first stop was to the Hard Rock Cafe in Louisville. I snapped this pic of the architecture just outside the cafe, it was stunning!
We visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and took a tour of the factory where they were making their Mother's Day Bats. We couldn't take photographs inside the factory but it was amazing seeing the process. It was like being in one of the How It's Made episodes!
Outside the entrance to the Louisville Science Center was this gigantic mirror. I snapped a picture when all the kids were standing in front and this is what it picked up!
The orchestra made up of seventh and eighth graders played at The Levee in Newport. Despite the rain they played beautifully. We ended up having to play under a breezeway due to the rain in street clothes, but people came and listened under umbrellas. This picture was taken from The Levee overlooking the Ohio River at Ohio just across the bridge.
Went spent Saturday at Kings Island. I had a lot of fun riding all the rides and eating a funnel cake! The Vortex was awesome, I screamed the entire time and now I am hoarse. It was cold all day and drizzled a bit. I braved the Windseeker and rode it alone. This is a 301 foot tall ride that rotates you 30 mph. This ride literally took my breath away!
I was back home in time to enjoy Mother's Day with my boys! We took a few pictures on the porch after church. My hubby cooked all day and everything was absolutely wonderful. Thanks Bay! He made salmon cakes with lemon, a fresh fruit salad and mint tea for breakfast. At lunch, he made his famous spinach and mandarin orange salad topped with candied bacon. Dinner was especially nice, he grilled steak and lobster tail with corn on the cob. With dinner he served a delicious sangria he made with fresh fruit. He completely outdid himself and it was everything I had wanted for my special day.

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend! See ya soon!


  1. What a great opportunity for your daughter and it sounds like you both had a lot of fun! Lovely family photos of you and the kids too. I forgot to have a couple of pics taken of me with the kids, but we were together on Mother's Day and that's the best. Your hubby sounds wonderful to make 3 meals. My hubby did laundry with the kids and helped with our main meal. :) Later today I'll be posting my W.W., so link up this post if you like.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! Sounds like you had an just as lovely Mother's Day. It was a miracle I remembered to take a photo! I will defiantly link up to your WW today!

  2. Hats off to your hubby! My hubby got takeout! LOL!! Glad you had a nice time with your daughter. You are so brave to ride the rides. I gave up on them after high school. Cute pictures of you with your beautiful babies.


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