Choosing a Bed {Hello Teen}

Last week, I shared my daughters 'Hello Teen' room inspiration, you can read more about that here. For a couple of months now we have been trying to decide on a bed to jump start the design process. We have went to every thrift store imaginable looking for a hidden gem. I can see the potential in a piece but my daughter lacks that quality as of yet. I am still working on her, she is a promising candidate! :) Needless to say we left a lot of great beds behind.

I needed to find out what exactly did she want in a bed. She basically wants something fresh and new. When I came across this room on pinterest, she told me this was it. This was the holy grail of beds and she loved it! The bed Leirvik is from Ikea and is so affordable. We don't live near an Ikea and a trip right now is out of the question. This bed is available to ship but their shipping rate is triple the price of the bed. No thank you. We have a company where I live that makes regular trips to Ikea Atlanta and their shipping is more affordable. So we will go with them unless my parents want to come visit and pick the bed up for me on the way. Hint Hint!

I also what to share some of the contenders we came across on our search.
1. Jenny Lind Bed: We loved the color of this bed! This style of bed is a classic but has a modern take on it with the fresh new colors Land of Nod offers. I always thought that Jenny Lind was a company but in fact she was an opera singer in the 1800s that was known as the Swedish Nightingale.

2. Hampton Planked Bed: We loved that the headboard was planked, seems like everyone is planking walls and ceiling these days. Planking is a verb, yall! The headboard is currently on sale but the platform is no longer available. This bed is a great candidate for a DIY project and Ana White has plans for this very bed here and here.

3. Toulouse Velvet Bed: This sophisticated upholstered bed screams elegance and princess. I can not express my love for this bed enough however it wasn't my daughters jam. She has never really wanted anything princess like or frilly, she is a gadget girl. This made the list just because I like it! :)

4. Sleigh Bed: We stumbled across this bed at a local consignment shop. This was the only bed she liked that wasn't brand new. We stalked this bed for a month and a half, patiently waiting for the price to go down. I purchased the bed the day it went to half the price, went home happy about my purchase and it did not fit. Her room was too small. Oh well.

5. Kingston Mahogany Gold: I am into metal beds as of late and I can not get enough of them. I really want to find an antique one but every time I do it is for a LOT of money. This bed even though brand new has an old world charm to it and could carry my daughter through life. It is on sale this week but it is currently out of stock.

Which bed are you drawn to? Do you have any advice when choosing a bed? Do you let your kids make decisions for their space or do you make them without their consideration? See ya soon!

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  1. I like more than one bed! lol ~ I love the Jenny Lind bed, so sweet and also like # 5 and the Ikea bed! We recently bought our son a teen bed, took a lot of looking around to find 'The One'

    I usually find several options for Tabari as for as bedding and furniture is concerned and let him pick the one he likes the best - that way he's happy and not just me

    1. This is the first time I have included her in the design process and I am so glad I did. She likes nothing I like, I am a little too girly for her. She did pick out a cute quilt, that is so her. I can't wait to take pictures.

  2. love the first one most Darnetha! Although, check out Craigslist for some awesome brass ones at a fraction of the price - you can keep it brass or change it up, but the form and shape will hold up for sure! good luck dear!

  3. I found my daughter's bed on Craigslist, but the Ikea bed you showed was our next choice if the other didn't work out. Can't wait to see her room come together. I know it will be sweet.

  4. I love her choice of bed and the Jenny Lind Bed is so pretty too!

  5. Would LOVE to know what the wall color is if you happen to know? We are also re-doing our teen daughters room and none of us (meaning her dad, her or myself) can agree on a wall color. If she and I agrees with one he doesn't like it lol. But I think this would be a good compromise.

    1. Hi Sarah! The room above was inspiration for my daughter's hello teen room. As I don't know the color of the walls in this photo, my daughters room is quite similar. We used Wave Crest 540E-1 Behr. It's a lovely lite blue.


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