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Happy Monday Friends! I hope you had a relaxing weekend! I was yard selling all weekend. On Friday me and a couple of my neighbors put on a neighborhood yard sale. I didn't have much to sale but I did alright despite the fact that people were only interested in clothing and I wasn't selling any. I had a lot of fun but I did not get anything else accomplished that I had on my list.

Before I share with you my daughters 'Hello Teen' bed and bedding reveal, I wanted to show you how the room looked before our changes. We sold almost all of her old furniture so that we can have a blank canvas to work with.


We got her antique daybed many many years ago and we still love it. We sold it to a lovely couple that needed a daybed for their guest room. Her new bed has the same feel and look of this one. The flowers are one of the things that stayed.
The nightstand and glitzy lamp will also go in her new space. That lamp was love at first sight!
This was the part of her room that wasn't used as much. She would either do her homework at the kitchen table or on the floor. I made the magnetic broad from a old frame and metal sheeting found at the hardware store. I covered it with a piece of fabric to give it a custom look. She already misses it so I will be doing something similar to give her a place to keep achievements and notes.
I had put plain white curtains to her window and added purple ball fringe to add a bit of interest. She feels her new curtains are more her style and less girly.

Tomorrow I will reveal her new bed and bedding. She helped with the entire process this time around and I must admit that I love the changes we have made. Her room is far from complete and we will be working on it here and there. See ya soon!


  1. What a wonderful room for your daughter. I bet she loves spending time in there. What instrument does she play.

  2. A very nice room! Can't wait to see what mother and daughter came up with together. What a great way to also spend quality time together.


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