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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? My weekend was fabulous! The weather was absolutely beautiful! It felt like fall had arrived, there was a crisp breeze in the air and we had all the windows open in the house. My soccer star scored 2 points, his first points of the season and they won 3 to 1! To top off this perfect weekend we grilled out and bought out the fire pit to roast marshmallows for s'mores.

Since starting my job I haven't had time to check anything off my ever growing to-do list. I am striving to get something accomplished this week. I have a lot of unfinished projects just screaming at me to get finished. Here are two things that have been on my mind as of late.

My porch
I have been trying to get a contractor out to have a look at my porch columns. They are warped and leaning. About a month ago I posted this picture on instagram and enlisted your help in choosing a column for my porch. The verdict was unanimous and it happen to be the one Dr.Jay and I ultimately thought would suit the house best. Of course it was the most expensive option, why is that always the case? :)

I was browsing the internet for some porch inspiration when I stumbled across these. They stopped me right in my tracks and my porch plans went right out the window. The style of these porches are open and inviting. I love the wide stairs! I am itching for the contractor to hurry his buns up and get here. I want to see if my new plans for the porch are doable, not only from a contractor stand point but from a financial one.
Lovely porch via
Lovely fall porch via
Living Room Rug
I also have rugs on the brain. I recently got tired of our dirty, dingy rug and removed it. We now are sporting only are hardwoods. Its a great look but it is not soft to sit on. :) Dr.Jay rarely agrees with my decorating fits but this time he did! So he has been helping me shop for a new one. Here are a few of the ones we like:
Balta Prisma
Allen + Roth Thorndale Blue Floral
Allen + Roth Thorndale Gray Floral
What is on your mind this Monday? At any given time my mind is cluttered with design thoughts so I will be unloaded them here from time to time.

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See ya soon!


  1. I love absolutely in love with your front porch inspiration!! I could so see how amazing it would look on your home! I'm hoping its more cost effective and will give you the exact look you want

  2. Yes, I love the porches you were looking at, too, especially the first one. Come and share. Linda


  3. I know how you feel re: accomplishing projects on your home....even as a I cross one off my list, I create five more in my mind, yet have no time to do them! With that said, I'm waiting on a call back from a contractor on one and wish he would hurry up, too!

    without knowing what direction you are headed in your living room, I love the last rug!


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