Halloween 2013

I hope you all had a safe and fun filled Halloween night. We had to postpone our trick-or-treating due to a storm. We not only had rain but high winds and our power went out for hours. The storm we had here was really bad, complete with falling trees and power lines.

I normally take pictures of my kids outside in our yard and on the front porch. Since yesterday was rained out and quite winding we headed to my husbands lab to take some pictures. The back drop the lab provided was perfect! This afternoon I will get my iconic photo on the porch before we head out to get ourselves some candy.

Mad Scientist
He had a lot of  fun playing with the dry ice!


What did you or your kids dress up as this year? Next year I plan on dressing up and passing out candy. If you want to check out our costumes from years past, click on the links below. See ya soon!


  1. What a cute robber and scientist. Love it!

  2. Cutest mad scientist and robber ever!!!!!!! Glad they had a blast!


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