Thankful Thursday - Gratitude and the Quiet

For many of us November is a month of gratitude and reflection, a month to be thankful.
I have dubbed Thursdays for the month of November to be Thankful Thursdays! I will pop in each week and share something I am thankful for and you can join me by commenting what you are thankful for. There is always something to be thankful for even if it is simply for another day.

I remember as a little girl my mom would tell us to always thank God first before we start asking him for stuff! I still hold true to that. I am truly thankful for each and every day I am here to spend with the ones closest to me. I want to spend my one life grateful. Grateful for the moments, time, experiences, loves, worries, failures, successes, excitements and the mundane. Simply for it all!

This morning when I woke up, I was surrounded by quiet. Everyone was sleep and the air seemed to sit still. It was quite lovely. I contemplated my day and got a few things done before I had to wake the kids. It's the little things my friends!

So what are you thankful for today? See ya soon!

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