His + Her Wish List

one | converse
"Chucks" are fashion icons.  These are, to me, the best shoes ever made.  They zip and they're leather...Imagine that.

two | bell motorcycle helmet
If you find yourself cruising alongside cars and tractor trailers on your commute to wherever...and you happen to be on a motorcycle, what better way to accessorize than with a helmet from Bell.  Most would think bell helmets were just for cycling (bicycle) but, on the contrary, the Bell Star has been popular among motorcycle enthusiast since the 80's.  The new style is sleek and bad-ass.  I picked this particular helmet because of its ventilation, aerodynamics, comfort, and lightweight carbon fiber shell.  Plus all Bell helmets can be fitted with a photochromic/transition face shield that changes tent according to light conditions (no need to change face shields).

three | suit
I believe in wearing jeans and a tee-shirt wherever I go.  On the off day I must dress to impress this is how I would do it, period.

four | iphone 5s
I would rather wait for the iPhone 7 (we all know it will be here sooner than later) but if my lovely wife was willing to get me this for Christmas...sure, I'd take it.

five | timberland boots
Back in the days I wanted a pair of these boots.  I grew up in a huge family and money was stretched to the maximum.  Needless to say that max never included $100 Timberland boots.  These are my favorite Timberland boots, plus "chucks" are not necessarily great winter shoes (cold feet).
one | pandora charm bracelet
For as long as I can remember I have wanted a charm bracelet. I have never had one, insert sad face. I use to be fixated on a mothers bracelet but I love the idea of adding meaningful charms. Over the years I would have built a really special keepsake.

two | speedlite flash
This would be the perfect accessory for my big girl camera. I love photography and practicing on a daily bases. This one is nice because you can direct the flash so it doesn't wash out your subject.

three | throw blanket
Can one have too many throws? The answer is no! I have a thing for throws and blankets in general cause I am the worlds coldest person. You will never find me without one, this one is so soft, warm and it can be monogrammed with my initials.

four | jeans
A great pair of jeans are hard to come by. For me I need a pair that are comfy with a bit of stretch. I like a great pair of skinnies but I truly love straight or boot cut.

five | coach clutch
I will probably catch a lot of flack for this but I don't like purses. I hate them. I only need enough space for my debit card, cell phone, money and lip gloss. This clutch is the perfect size and won't allow me to carry around unnecessary junk, like mail.

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  1. I ordered my son a pair of navy leather Converse. Hope he likes them as much as Dr. J!! Hope you get everything on your list, D!!


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