Our Home This Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The countdown is on and we only have 8 more days until Christmas! One of my favorite things to do during this season is to decorate my home. My favorite color is red and this is the only time during the year it makes an appearance in my home. I pair the red with gold, such a traditional combination. I have never changed my colors, most of you are probably not shocked to hear that, but I try to add something new each year to the decor.

Here is my home during the holiday!
I am glad we decided to get our tried and true frasier fir, you can read all about our tree hunt here. We added an new ornament this year from Mercier Orchard. It's the only white ornament on the tree, can you spot it?
For some reason, I have been in love with plaid and wanted to add it to my decor. My little pillow and wrapping paper hit the spot. The pillow, believe it or not, is a place mat. 
I hung this lovely mistletoe ornament, that I received while playing Dirty Santa at our office Christmas party, in my doorway.
I love my nativity scene however this year I only put out a few pieces. I enjoy looking at these handmade ornaments my kids have made through the years. I also put a basket full of holiday books in the entryway, my youngest loves the ease of grabbing a favorite for me to read to him each night.
Our advent calendar is in full swing. The kids this year requested that it be filled with chocolates. They love checking it every morning for their sweet treat!
I hope you enjoyed a peek into my holiday home. Have you finished all your shopping? I am in no way finished and I am starting to panic. See ya soon!

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  1. Your home just shines Darnetha!!! Love all the reds and plaids, your gift wrap matches your pillow!!!!! LOVE it all! I have the same mistletoe ornaments on the main doorways in my home, so pretty and fun right! I know you and your family will have a very merry Christmas here! Love it!

  2. Its so pretty and Im so happy to see you finally show red some love:) Happy Holidays.

  3. I love how you save your favorite color for a particular event! That makes it even more special.

    The wrapping paper is nice...it seems like it would be versatile and usable depending on accents for anyone's gifts.

    1. I just love that wrapping paper, my daughter informed me that apparently I got the same paper last year!

  4. I'm telling you, you decorated your home so beautifully. Your tree is gorgeous. I love the touches of red and plaid throughout your decor. I love your coffee table and if I had to pick a fav. I would choose the picture with your TV and stockings!

  5. Your living room filled with Christmas looks so pretty! I love all the poinsettias placed around the room! Love your tree too!! :)

    1. Thanks girly! I had gotten so many poinsettias on black friday, that it's borderline excessive. I just glad they still alive!

  6. Replies
    1. No ma'am, I don't really ever take pictures of it. I usually move it out the way when I photograph the livingroom. Lol.


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