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Hello Sunshine, today is the last day of February. How can that be? This has been one cold winter and I am so looking forward to spring making her appearance soon. Today I am over at A Home Full of Color, the topic is small home, big style. Check it out!

As my kids are getting older and their lives busier, a command center is becoming essential. I just might have to call it a landing zone. I want this zone to be a place where we can sit and take off shoes, hang jackets and bags, have our family calendar handy for all to see, baskets for mail and such, maybe a bulletin board, and chore charts.

The way our home is set up, we really don't have wall space or room for a zone like this. I narrowed down three locations that might be ideal. I will share with you the pros and cons of each location next week and which one I ultimately chose.

I combed the net looking for inspiration for our new command center|landing zone. Here are a few that stood out and offered the look that I am after for our home.
Elizabeth Roberts | Prewar Apartment
kiki.K | Family Command Centre
Pottery Barn
Do you have a commend center in your home? What is the most essential tool you use to keep everyone in your house up-to-date on the day to day happenings? Have a lovely weekend! See ya soon!

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  1. Just came over from A Home Full of Color. As a fellow small house owner, I loved your post. New follower!

  2. I came over from A Home Full of Color as well. I really like the command center ideas, but I especially love the third pic, because the space looks lived in. Have a Great weekend.

    1. That's my favorite as well! I just love that look and that bench. Thanks for stopping by Lory.

  3. I don't have a command center. Would love one though.
    And you know what? I have a cat named Lilly too and well yes, my daughter is named Lilly as well ;)

  4. I would love a command center, but I'm afraid for my family it would just accumulate clutter.

  5. I do, in my kitchen office! The Calendar definitely is the most important for us and I also got a new Message board I need to share soon! Good luck, your inspirations are all beautiful Darnetha!


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