Mustache Pillow

My daughter has been on a mustache kick lately. She can't get enough of these silly things. You can find almost anything with a mustache on it these days and my daughter has a few. From shirts and wall art to now pillows.

I wanted to make this for her for Christmas but with no time away from her it was virtually impossible to make it without her knowing. I held off sewing it up until just recently. It took all of 20 minutes from start to finish. It turned out smaller than I first anticipated but it ended up being the perfect little accent pillow.
She absolutely loves it! She said she thought I bought it from the store. And that my friends is one great compliment! Do you know anyone that is obsessed with mustaches? What is the craziest thing you've seen with a mustache on it? Is it this pillow?! See ya soon!
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  1. I think the size is just right Darnetha! Fabulous job!

  2. It's so cute and very well made! I know your daughter loves it!

  3. My daughter has been addicted to those things as well. I think the ring mustaches are the goofiest, though I do like the pillow.

  4. I mustache you to show more pictures. This is great!

  5. That is super cute. My boys are obsessed by mustaches too. One has mustache suspenders and the other put them on all his stuffed animals.

    1. Mustaches are all the rage! Too funny, wonder what's next...


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