Command Center: It May Be Just A Dream

Really, is it Friday, already? We have had 3 snow days this week and I feel like my days are running into each other. This weekend will be a busy one and I just found out we are having our first soccer game. For some reason I thought we had a couple more weeks before that started back.

When I first started thinking about implementing a command center in our home a problem quickly arose. Where would we put the darn thing? We really don't have a perfect spot for one. But what is perfect, anyways, it's all relative.

I called a family meeting to discuss the options. They, my teenage daughter and husband, doesn't feel we necessarily need one. Maybe only a family calendar and not even that anymore. My husband installed the Cozi App on our phones so we can sync our calendars together and have all our dates in one spot and be able to access it on the go. I must start using this.

Hey, but wait, I love paper! I need paper. I still have the need to put pen to paper not just swipe my fingers across the phone. Am I the only one who is still like this? I can't be, right, they still print thousands of calendars every year!

It is important to bring in your family when you are making decisions for your family. Even if they gang up against you. I still think a command center is beneficial, just not in the capacity I originally thought of. No coat rack or bench, that just wouldn't work. It would always look cluttered to me, so I'm now in the process of revamping our hall closet.

This post was suppose to reveal the location of our command center while going through my thought process as to why but it took a sudden turn for the better. So I am off to work on the hall closet. Have you ever planned for something and your family wasn't having it? Did you go through with it or revamp your plan? Happy weekend and see ya soon!

Image: Hannah Lemholt
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  1. I usually just go for it, most of the time my family loves it, but when they don't they tell me too. the hall closet door may be your best bet for a command center, good luck!

  2. Sometimes you don't realize how much you need something until you start using it - I say if you know you'll use it then for sure go for it! Plus you still have two little ones that would most likely love it ~ Hasani and I have linked our calenders up, but I love writing things down too :)

  3. Im still into paper. I have downloaded several apps and there is still nothing like good old pen and paper. So maybe you can think about a little more before taking the plunge.


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