DIY: Silhouette Easter Egg

DIY Silhouette Easter Egg | ChippaSunshine
For the past 2 years we have hosted our annual Easter egg hunt and every year we try to incorporate something new. Last year was the first year doing a prize egg and we want to continue with this new tradition.

I wanted to make our prize egg this go around and thought a bunny silhouette glitter Easter egg would be extra special to find. It would be a keepsake for the lucky boy or girl to keep along with their extra special surprise.

Here's How You Make It
DIY Silhouette Easter Egg | ChippaSunshine
What You Need :
paper mache egg
two colors of craft paint
paint brush

How To Make :
1 | Paint egg in the background color of your choice. I chose MS multi-surface in Mother of Pearl. Do a couple of coats and allow to dry.
2 | Place your sticker or vinyl cut-out on the egg and smooth out and flatten all the edges. You don't want your top-coat paint to seep underneath.
3 | Paint egg in the top-coat color of your choice. I chose MS glitter in Feldspar. Do a couple of coats to achieve the glitteryness or shade you desire. Allow to dry.
4 | Carefully remove sticker.
5 | Happily hide for an unexpected boy or girl to find!
DIY Silhouette Easter Egg | ChippaSunshine

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  1. So so cute. I love using the paper mache eggs too

  2. This is zoo cute Danretha! did you know I never made/painted an easter egg before, ever?! Love yours!

  3. holy cow that is one of the cutest things!

  4. I really like the picture with the basket


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