By The Front Door

Hello Sunshine! As many of you already know my home doesn't have a foyer. Our front door opens into our living room and we have deemed our entryway the wall parallel to the door. That wall hosts our newly painted console table, a mirror and our command center.

The wall by the front door is what we call the TV wall. It houses our buffet table turned TV cabinet. The area beside our TV was always empty. I never could decide what should go there since our door opens up in front of it. Benches and cute round baskets for shoes were out of the question, plus it was a small area.

For years, the only thing that hung on that wall was a sunburst mirror that I got from a yard sale for $2. It wasn't until after Christmas, when I removed all the decorations and the area was bare, that I had an idea for the area.
What He Wants
My husband, Dr.Jay, does not like stuff to crowd the TV. No vases, no pictures, no knickknacks. He loves the area on-top the buffet on either side of the television bare. He also wanted a place to hang his hats and anything else was fair game.

What I Want
I envisioned a simply styled area with a few pictures on the wall, a plant and a bowl to hold spare change, jump drives or Lego men.

The Compromise
Combining both our visions of the space was easy. A single potted plant and a small bowl placed beside the television, a couple of picture frames flanking the door with a 4-hook rack hung underneath and a basket to hold books ready to be read for our youngest to grab easily.
Our style as a couple continues to evolve and I love the direction it is moving in. We don't always agree nor have the same taste in design but it blends well together. I really love how this tiny spot turned out. There's not much to it but it still packs a big punch.

Get This Look Source List
Wall Color | Camouflage by Benjamin Moore
Frames | Marshalls
Feather Art | Free printable from Oh So Lovely
Artwork | Brush Stroke Silver on Natural Paper from Paper Source
Wall Hook | Container Store
White Planter | Target
Plant | Succulent
Bowl | Goodwill

See ya soon! 

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  1. I love this. So neat and functional. My two favorite things!

  2. Ok so I have a spot behind my back door that Ive been staring at for TWO YEARS! I love what you've done and hope you won't be mad when I totally copy your layout! I love the framed art and how it doesn't compete. And the hooks are great! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Such a nice compromise. You created a nice little spot with a purpose. Glad it works for your family.

  4. Looks pretty! Love this new setup and a great way to use your space and add art! :)

  5. I think you nailed this compromise pretty well Darnetha! Good for you!

  6. I love that you framed my free feather printable! It looks great in your entry! :)

    1. Thanks Audrey! I was so happy when I came across your feather print. You had some great choices to choose from and it was hard to choose.

  7. What a lovely spot and so convenient and practical, as well!


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