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I knew something was wrong but I tried to continue on day after day. It all started in zumba class. I'm about fifteen minutes into the workout when I get this burning sensation in the bottom of my feet. It hurts but I try not to let on, it's only been fifteen minutes and I have forty-five minutes left. How could this be?

I pause a few hundred times but jump right back in, trying not to let on that I am in pain. I think nothing of it and chalk it up to being unfit. After several Saturday classes full of pain I stop going. I picked up T-25 and that was a good fit for me. My feet only hurt during only one of the workouts so I was fine.

After upping my workout plan to walking three miles once a week is where I couldn't ignore the problem any longer. Almost immediately after starting my weekly walk I would have to stop and stretch. Not only were the bottom of my feet hurting but my shins were also. It was almost unbearable. I tend to pride myself on having a high tolerance for pain but this was a bit much.

My daughter is my walking buddy and she stated that she thought I was experiencing shin splints. I told her, "yeah okay" and continued on my walk trying not to have to stop again. After 48 minutes I was finished and totally proud of myself. I did it, I didn't quite, but I was still in pain.

I mentioned the pain to my husband and he thought the same thing as my daughter. Shin splints. That just couldn't be so I did a little homework and discovered that my flat feet was the culprit. My flat feet was causing all the discomfort. Dr.Jay decided to take me to Fleet Feet so that they could help me analyze my particular situation.

Colleen was extremely helpful and very informative. From our little meeting I discovered that when I walk I overpronate. Meaning that my foot rolls significantly inward. She checked my foot strike and the tightness of my calve muscles.

The combination of my muscles being tight, a flexible flatfoot, overpronation, wearing unsupportive running shoes, all lead up to the shin and foot pain. She prescribed me with a foot massage using a ball before I start working out or walking. Most importantly I would need a stability running shoe that would help prevent overpronating and a carbon insert to help support my arch.

I could feel the difference immediately. After our meeting, I continued to workout with the addition of doing my foot messages but I stopped walking altogether until I can get my shoes and inserts. I can injure myself and I don't want to do that.

I hope to be back walking and even lite jogging by the middle of August. Those blasted shoes are expensive plus I am still doing research on which ones will best suit me and my bank account.

Have you had any workout woes that bothered or caused you pain? Do you know of an excellent stability shoe? See ya soon!

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  1. Im so happy you were able to figure out what the cause of the pain is. Its super important to learn your foot structure. I think we all take advantage of them sometimes, but really they carry us through every second of the day. I hope you are able to get back into your walking routing soon:)


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