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Welcome back to the Lets Get Organized daily task. Today we are back in the master suite and we will address our jewelry storage system. Many of us either keep our jewelry in a walk-in closet, on our dressers, or in a drawer.
If you have a solution in place and love it, simply go through each piece and quickly decide if you love it, still want to wear it, and if its still your style. If it passes that test, then keep it. If not, donate it or sell it.

Jewelry Storage Tips:
Keep it in sight
  • Easy to see your everyday pieces and makes it easy to get to them during your morning rush
  • Special occasion pieces can be stored elsewhere, out of sight so they remain protected  from dust
  • Store individually so they don't get tangled. Nothing is worse than trying to untangle jewelry or Christmas lights
  • Consider hanging them from a decorative hook or on the edge of a mirror, like me
  • Small earrings can be placed in a small bowl. Like my beautiful blue clay bowl my daughter made me in 4th grade
My Jewelry Stand
I never had a system for storing my jewelry. My collection of bracelets and earrings were thrown all over my dresser. With no proper way to keep my jewelry, I often would forget what I had or misplaced a piece and had to tear apart my room to find it.

Browsing the Pottery Barn site one afternoon I stumbled across this jewelry stand. I knew it would be a perfect solution for me but not at that price point. So I looked around and found a great look alike at Hobby Lobby for less than half the price.

I didn't like the finish of the stand so I sprayed it gold. I love how easily you can change a look of something by simply spray painting it. I gave it two light coats and it took less than 2 minutes to spray it. The total time I spent on this project was about an hour, including the drying time.
I love the way it looks! It feels so good to have everything in one place and that I can see what I have. I did get rid of a few dated pieces, which leaves room for more. Shhh, don't tell Dr.Jay. Lol!

Remember to post your progress pics on instagram using @chippasunshine and #csletsgetorganized. See ya soon!

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