October : Lets Get Organized

Hello Sunshine! With our increased schedules and unfinished projects cluttering the halls, I have felt the need to streamline our routines and get the house back in order. In my new series 'Lets Get Organized,' I will be tackling small areas around my home, giving you tips and storage solutions along the way.

In October, I will focus on the master bathroom, jewelry storage, closets, and laundry room. Join in the fun this month and clean out that clutter. We will be concentrating on one small space at a time to insure organization success. My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes a day geared toward my organization goal.

This week, I will be challenging you to get your bathrooms in order. The first challenge is the medicine cabinet. Meet me back here tomorrow for a few simple steps to have your medicine cabinet clean and organized in 15 minutes or less. So roll up your sleeves and lets get organized!

When you're done share your completed challenge on instagram by simply tagging me @chippasunshine or by using #csletsgetorganized. Feel free to leave a comment. Can't wait to hear how things are going, your tips, and to see your pictures! See ya soon!

Lets Get Organized
You will find each of the tasks we tackled below, I will update as we continue:

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  1. Looking forward to this...just the kick in the pants that I need!

  2. Great idea to write it all down and letting us know, that way we can check on your progress and that means more motivation for you to get things done right?! ;-)


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