Laundry Room Cabinets

Hello Sunshine! Once upon a time I started working on our laundry room then it came to a crashing halt. I made a design plan, painted the walls and added new curtains but when I encountered a design changing dilemma I froze dead in my tracks.
For one I was a little scared to hang the cabinets up on the wall and there they sat for months and months. Then one day, I drew tired of the sad scene that had became my laundry room and I hung the blasted cabinets. I would say I did it all on my own but my two oldest lent a helping hand. They helped hold the cabinets up on the ledger broad while I screwed them into the studs.
A few screws snapped off into the wall and I made some extra unneeded holes when my measurements didn't match up to a stud, but the cabinets are hung and they are flush and level! All that needs to be done now is to remove the ledger broad and make a decision on hardware.

See ya soon!

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  1. Looks so good! As you know, I'm so gun shy about hanging cabinets in our laundry room after last years craziness, but this gives me hope :) Looks so pretty!!! For some reason, I think light aqua / blue would so good on your walls! :)

    1. When it was done, I thought, why did I wait so long. I plan on adding just those colors through artwork!

  2. I know you are so glad to have your cabinets hung up. I love the style you chose. Excited to see how the room comes together.


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