Halloween 2015

Hello Sunshine! Halloween was a blast. We kept it simple this year and trick -or-treated in our neighborhood. We have a lot nice neighbors who give out goodie bags full of candy so needless to say we had tons and tons of candy.

It rained pretty much the entire month of October and Halloween was a gloomy but the rain held off until after the festivities. The kids had a lot of fun coming up with their costumes. I always love what they come up with!

For the first time, ever, our porch was decorated for Halloween. Our kinda spooky front porch turned out to be really scary for the little kids. I made polka dot treat bags but ended up leaving candy out in our skeleton's serving tray.

Halloween 2015
 Rosie the Riveter
This iconic feminist is dressed in denim with a red polka dot bandanna, red socks, and red lipstick. We can do it! 
Skeleton Robber
Watch your vaults closely cause this robber is dressed to steal! A cool skeleton mask with glow in the dark bone gloves are perfect for camouflaging ones identity. Paired with a pop gun and a white pillow case for his candy loot.
DJ Cornflake
Available for your next mixer, this party machine is decked out in gold slit glasses, two chains, a bboy hat and earphones. Mixing at a party near you!
Next year I hope we can do themed costumes and I have a bunch of ideas. What did you or your kids dress up as this year? See ya soon!



  1. So cute! You have the perfect porch for Halloween & Holidays! The kids costumes are fantastic!

    1. You are so creative...Simply adorable and inexpensive


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