6 Easy to Care for Houseplants

Hello Sunshine! Lately I've been in full planting mode. I blame it on spring! Planning my garden, planter beds, and window box have kept me happily busy. In honor of Earth Month I wanted to list out six easy to care for houseplants.

I'm always on the search for great indoor plants that are easy to grow and keep alive with minimal care. Houseplants not only provide oxygen and remove airborne toxins but they are beautiful and can be just the thing that can bring a room together.

Here are 6 Easy to Care for Houseplants
Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law's Tongue
Sanseveria trifasciata
One of the most carefree houseplants around. It's a very hardy plant that can tolerate neglect so it's perfect for beginners and for those with black thumbs. This plant can last for 20 or more years.

Rubber Plant
Ficus elastica
Has deep green smooth glossy leaves. Gets its name from the sticky latex sap of the plant that drys into a low-quality rubber. Has the ability to withstand low light however it will grow broad and bushy.

English Ivy
Hedera helix
A vine trailing plant that has a 'dainty demeanor.' Works well in pots and hanging baskets. Tolerates a variety of indoor climates. A word of caution this plants leaves are poisonous if eaten.

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ficus lyrata
This popular around blogland plant has huge, slightly wavy leaves. To promote bushiness prune off the top of a young plant. If you prefer a treelike appearance, allow to grow tall only clipping off all leaves and branches from the lowest section of the truck. They are at their best when the leaves are kept clean.

Boston Fern
Nephrolepis exaltata
A very popular summer plant and you see it most often on porches and patios in hanging baskets but can thrive indoors. It descended from a mutation that turned up growing in a parlor in Boston around 1890. They need bright light, no direct sun, and high humidity. Mist daily when keeping indoors.

Swiss Cheese Plant, Split-Leaf Philodendron
Monstera deliciosa
With its interesting leaves, I can easily see this being the next 'it' plant. Only a mature plant develops rounded slits that resemble Swiss cheese. Easy to grow and can tolerate occasional neglect. Like the English ivy this plant is poisonous and can cause a severe burning sensation if eaten.

There are so many more interesting indoor plants out there but I hope you found these six hopeful. What types of houseplants do you have? See ya soon!

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  1. Great post Darnetha, very helpful. My fav on this list is the snakeplant which seems to thrive off of neglect 😁. The feens I haven't been so lucky with. 😒

    1. Thank you Carli! My favorite is the snakeplant as well! And it really can take a beating and keep thriving.


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