2016 Goals Check-In: See How We Are Doing

Hello Sunshine! We are a little over 7 months into the year and I wanted to check-in and share our progress on our 2016 home and personal goals. This year is my year to FOCUS not only on my home but more on myself and our finances. Let's jump right in!



We are still miles away from this room being finished. There are a lot of things holding us back, mainly time. In February I took a full-time job and that has consumed a big chuck of my day. I added new hardware to my upper cabinets and we purchased new flooring. We are hoping to carve out sometime in the next week or two for our installation day. But if I'm being completely honest, there are a lot of large appliances we are not too fond of moving, like the water heater.


We have curtains and they are linen but they still need to be lined and hemmed. I will have an update soon on my blank wall. I won an art print from Minted and Chris Loves Julia which helped with my art wall. I still have a couple more prints to pick out but it's coming along nicely.


Um, yeah, lets not even talk about this one! Okay. Okay.



I've made big strides in my personal health goals. I didn't want to focus solely on my weight but on my overall health and workout regime. I found that I need a partner to workout with. It's key for me to hold myself accountable. One of my co-workers was game and off we went. We have taken kickboxing and zumba classes. Kickboxing is awesome but extremely intense! After I am cleared by my doctors from a pinched nerve I have been nursing for a week we are taking our first Pilates class.

In the few short weeks of me committing to working out regularly I have lost 2 inches off my waist and I love that! Another thing I thought would never happen, no matter how many times my husband told me, was that working out would become addictive. And it is!


I quickly got in a rut of eating out while I was finishing up a big project (that I can't wait to share with you) and quickly got my wake up call at my yearly physical. My cholesterol levels were elevated and I can't have that. So back to planning out and actually cooking meals at home. We eat really clean as it is but that fast food was taking its toll on my body.


This is highly personal and I never talk money but we want to be debt free. To date, from the beginning of 2016, we have paid off 5 bills! 5 bills! Cue happy dance! We have 6 to go but we plan on having most paid off by the end of year, if not all, fingers crossed.

What was one thing you wanted to accomplish this year and actually did it? See ya soon!

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