Reclaimed Barnwood Bench

Hello Sunshine! This weekend I experienced the Nashville Flea. As many years as I lived here I’ve never been to the flea market here. It was amazing and overwhelming wrapped up into one. I went with the sole purpose of finding a small bench to place under my oversized canvas art.

I’ve looked everywhere for a rustic bench. I searched craigslist, went to thrift stores and even did the slow drive by, of yard sales. The closest I came to getting that perfect bench (until this weekend) was when I spotted one in a neighbor’s yard. It was dusk and I couldn’t fathom knocking on their door so I waited until after work the next day just to find out it was gone. Insert crying sad face here.

Ok lets get back to the flea market. There were vendors from all over, hundreds and hundreds of them selling anything and everything your heart desired. My husband and I roamed around the endless sea of vendors. Every corner we turned there was something new to see. Furniture, candied apples, metal letters, signs, plants, wreaths, fabrics, books, coins, christmas, halloween, you name it we saw it. Even metal marching ants.

I actually saw a couple of contenders for my bench but they were either too small or not quite the look we wanted. I was about to give up and call it a day when we saw this shop that had a couple of benches. My husband sat on one as I chatted up the vendor. I was about to say ok well talk to you later when my husband asked me to sit on the bench he was currently occupying. It was solid, heavy and the wood felt different.

I took a closer look and it was everything I was looking for. The owner Dennis told us that the wood the bench was made of came from a 1872 barn. It had to be taken down because it was hit by a tornado. He even sent me these pictures of the barn.
Needless to say I bought it home and we love it. It's narrow enough for the walk through and just wide enough to sit perfectly under our art piece.

All that's left is to find a picture light and my once blank wall will be complete. I'm looking forward to my next trip to the Nashville Flea Market, maybe in the spring. If any of you want Dennis' information let me know, he sales so many handmade pieces. I especially loved his barn doors!

Have you found any interesting pieces at the thrift store, flea market, or yard sales?
See ya soon!

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  1. Its a gorgeous bench Darnetha. So happy you were able to find something for your hall. I love when everything works out!

    1. It's always a happy, happy day when things work out! Thanks Erin for stopping by!

  2. Its simply perfect! Like it was meant to be there! Love!

    1. Thanks Carli! I couldn't have stumbled upon a better bench for our narrow space.


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