Organized Spices

We all have them...a modge podge of spice containers. All of them different sizes and shapes. This doesn't bother most people and to be honest not me either, until I saw Big Daddy Aaron McCargo with his uniform spice jars. I liked how the identical jars looked organized and neat...and I strive for organized and neat in every facet of my life. :)

I begun my search and let me tell ya there are endless possibilities of spice containers out magnetic ones that can be stored on the fridge. I chose the round lidded spice jars from World Market, they are the perfect height for my drawer, are airtight and the mouth is wide enough that I can fit a tablespoon into it for easy measuring...and they are very inexpensive at $1 a jar.
I relocated my spices to the top drawer next to my stove...they use to be in the cabinet and I had to play the shuffle game everytime I needed to find something. Having them in the drawer I can see everything I have and they are easy to reach. Well here's my little play by play...I first went through all my spices. I had many duplicates and some were old and dried up. I affixed each jar with these pre-printed clear labels from The Container Store. The only problem was that all spices aren't listed but they do include blank stickers that you can write on. 
I decided to tweak my drawer a little since everytime I opened and closed it the jars slid around (I don't have enough to fill the entire space) and this bothers me. So off to The Container Store I went to find a solution. I bought the 2" drawer dividers and you can completely customize any drawer to your liking with that product. I just added a single strip across the back.
As you can see in the above pic, I also added a drawer liner. I am not sure if I quite like this little addition.
One day I went to use the salt and realized that it was the garlic powder.
What? Who did this? And why? 
Well 'my baby' my 4 year old baby had been playing in the drawer, having a good ole time switching all the spice tops around and not just one but all...that boy keeps me on my toes. He has only did it twice but it is a pain trying to go through all the spices and play guess who. :0 See you soon!


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