Weekend in Review

This was a wonderful weekend...there was a crisp breeze in the air and that my friends was refreshing! My baby and I took a little walk across a bridge to see the horses. They were absolutely beautiful and they got really close to the fence so we could get a good look.
Since the weather was cool and not the usual norm 'hot and muggy'...I made my favorite soup. I will share the recipe tomorrow. I went pumpkin shopping and what says fall like pumpkins and mums. A little flower shopping was also in order, my planters really needed some sprucing up.
For the first time ever I got a piece of art custom framed and a little work was in order for the hallway where I am hanging my newest lovely. That hallway is usually a catch all for my many projects...and some patch work had to be done and of course paint.
On Sunday we lounged around on the sofa and watched a new series on Netflix called 'Sherlock.' It's a British TV show about none other than Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Very good and well done, if I might add.
It truly was a wonderful weekend, I hope yours was the same. See you soon!


  1. The bridge is absolutely a beauty..The soup looks delicious...but wheres the framed artwork?

    1. Post to come later this week on the framed artwork...trying to find the right placement on the wall for it.


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