Jr's Room Mood Board

When I first told my sister I would do my nephew Jr's room I had a ton of ideas going through my head. We basically started from scratch...the only things that would stay would be his new ceiling fan and the walls. :-) With a small budget at hand, I thought Ikea would be the perfect place to get the bulk of the furniture. We could then customize it to look unique and less ikeay - is that a word?!  We decided against getting a dresser because he has a large walk-in closet that can accommodate his old dresser.

Keep in mind this mood board was my original plan for the room but of course some things did not make the final cut. Based on the items chosen below, this room could be done for less than $500 and if done over time it wouldn't be such a shock to your pocketbook.

This is how my nephew's room looked back in June when I saw it for the first time. His room was in need of a fresh coat of paint to lighten things up a bit. As you can see it was painted blue and red to go with his spiderman theme. The paint colors made the room appear very dark and it shrunk the room.

 Well without further ado, here is Jr's Room Mood Board.
 Boys Mood Board

Mood board breakdown:
  1. We wanted to go with a quilt for the room. I personally like quilts for there durability because they hold up to multiple washings unlike a comforter that tends to get lumpy after a while. We wanted something that had great representation of color and would be the focal interest in the space. Cause it's all about the bed in the bedroom, right.
  2. The bed...I loved the aspelund bed from Ikea. It would be perfect for the space and we could paint it to add a bit more color or interest. This bed is only available in white so we would have to paint it to achieve the look we were after.
  3. Jr asked for a football to be put in his room and it could be displayed on a shelf when not being played with.
  4. Spiderman - his favorite superhero was a must for his new space. He was, after all, the inspiration for the color palette of the previous room.
  5. Our color palette was pulled from a paint color brochure. Tan is one of my go to colors for boy rooms. I even used a tan in my own boy's room. The green paint swatch was a sample we picked up right off the shelf. I will give more info on the color choices during the room reveal.
  6. We wanted a map of some sort to be used in the space. Our first choice was a globe but we found a large Rand McNally laminated wall map that measures 50"x32".
  7. I love this desk lamp. They come in many colors and there is something classic about it's shape. You can find this style of lamp just about anywhere.
  8. Artwork is a must and letter art is one of the many kinds that will adorn this room.
  9. Ikea has a wide range of desks to choose from and you can use there desk planner to see how it would look all put together. I chose a simple vika amon top in green and some very interesting legs called vika lerberg in gray.
  10. We wanted to do wall shelf done in a series of wooden boxes. We decided against it due to the fact that the walls aren't strong enough to hold them up, so moving on to the next thing. I love the billy bookcase, we want to include two side-by-side and do them as a built-in.
Well there you have it, a boys' room that will grow with your child that has a touch of modern as well as classic. Can't wait to see what you all think. See ya soon!


  1. His room was a wreck looks way better now Tee job well done

  2. I love the ideas you have in place for the room. Can't wait to see it all come together.


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