Laundry Room Drapes - Part 1

Happy Friday! This is part 1 of a 2 part post on my laundry room drapes. This room really is a multifunctional room. When we bought our house back in 2008 this room was listed as a mudroom. It truly is big enough to be a mudroom but since we enter through the front of the house it is a laundry, deep freezer and storage room. It also doesn't have heating or air condition, the only room in our house that doesn't if you are wondering. So the window needs thermal curtains.

I have had these particular curtains for years. They're really thick. A couple of months ago I bought a new rod to adorn my old curtains. The new rod really looks great but I had a few problems with my existing treatments.

Here is a shot of the laundry room. As you can see, that large and in charge storage cabinet is hiding the other half of my beautiful rod. Oh well :) Lets point out a few of my dilemmas, but really nothing is wrong with the curtains. Its just...I can't leave well enough alone. ;)

First problem - the curtains are flooding, high waters! I really want them to touch the ground. See...

Second problem - I have no idea why, but it was difficult to keep the curtains open. You slide them over and they just slide back, partially.

To fix both problems I went out and bought two packages of drapery clip rings in oil rubbed bronze to match the rod.

Then of course I created another problem...don't you hate that. Well, now the curtains are too long and I personally didn't like the puddling of these curtains. Cause they are so thick, they don't look or puddle right. Did you notice that I put the clips on differently for each panel? This is were I need your help deciding, please help me choose.

Either clipped right on top of the panel...
pinch pleated on the backside of the panel?
I need your help deciding, so just leave a commit below letting me know which you would choose. I also want to jazz these boring curtains up a little by adding some pattern. The fabric below is actually curtains I bought and cut up to add to my kitchen window.

Meet me back here next week to see the drapery panels all finished. See ya soon!


  1. I think the curtains was fine with the first look, I do not like the pudding the floor and I do like the added panel that will look nice

  2. I like the curtains the way they were but I must say the 1st clips are very nice...

  3. I agree with the other 2 comments. I think they were fine before. I think the "puddling look" would look nice in a more formal room. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.


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