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I am a list maker. If you look through any of my notebooks you would probably find all sorts of lists. To do list, grocery shopping list, holiday list and my husband's least favorite the honey do list. As the manager of my home I have a lot on my plate. I am in charge of it all and the thing that helps me through...are my list.

On a normal basis I have a million and one things going through my brain and contrary to what my husband says I am not always thinking about drapes. It's his running joke. With all the things on my mind from soccer games and practices, strings class and private lessons, buying an orchestra dress for up coming concerts, getting all the winter clothes out of the attic and organized, and the summer stuff put up. Yeah I am just exhausted thinking about my current mental check list and I didn't even touch on the upcoming holidays. I'm not ready for Halloween, no costumes bought yet.

So it is essential for me to have a organized, tidy home so I won't be stressed and mentally fatigued. I have been trying to perfect my cleaning schedule. It is better for me to have something on hand that tells me what I need to do. So after trying a few methods from two of my favorite blog mommas I have come up with this little schedule:

Mondays I clean the bathrooms top to bottom. I also plan for my meals and make a grocery shopping list. On Tuesdays I clean out the fridge getting rid of old leftovers and what-nots to make way for all the groceries I am going to shop for. Wednesdays are dedicated to floors. I HAAN (steam mop) and dust mop. On Thursdays I dust and Fridays I choose a item off my deep cleaning list to tackle.

You can see my daily a.m. and p.m. schedules, as well as my deep cleaning schedule here. I hope your weekend was relaxing. See ya soon!

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  1. That was very stirring for me to start a to do book cause I have pieces of papers every where to remind me and my mind is always trying to remember important things, but you have a very good idea I like I will try this one thanks


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