Floating Numbers

I have been very excited about a little purchase I made this weekend. It's usually the small details that make a huge statement. I found these modern floating house numbers at the Home Depot.

They are distributed by The Hillman Group but manufactured by Perfect Home. You could choose to mount them flush with your siding or using the enclosed screws to have a floating effect. We chose the floating mount. The instructions are very straightforward and it comes with a handy mounting template.

They are very inexpensive at $5.99 each. Available in black, polished brass, brushed nickle and aged bronze. Our local Home Depot only had them in black and polished brass.

Our house had been without identification for about half of the year. And it is high time we did something about it. It has been a couple of instances when the UPS man dropped our package off to our neighbors...like my kitchen aide.

This is an example of our old house numbers: 
and the new:
If you follow me on instagram you would know I had to call in reinforcements to help me! I figured that I did a horrible job on drilling the holes and that I made them too big, but my contractor friend reassured me to finish and that they will come and caulk around the numbers. I am still unconvinced but we will see. If I still don't like it they will come and replace that piece of siding. Win win in my book.
Despite my insecurities they look great. Very modern and the black just pops against my white siding. The numbers are sleek and not bulky and there are no screws in the face of the numbers.
As you noticed I didn't use any pics of my actual house numbers, I did that for privacy. I am paranoid like that.
I hope you had a productive week at home or work. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of blog land. See ya soon!

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