Pumpkin Patch

Happy Monday! This weekend has been a lot of fun but it was cold. We started our weekend off with our last soccer game of the season. The boys played well despite the freezing weather. Our friend invited us to a pumpkin carving party Saturday evening. This was the first year I allowed the kids to carve by themselves except for my 4 yr old, there pumpkins turned out so cute. Then on Sunday we went to the farm to enjoy a cold evening at the pumpkin patch.

Because of the cold weather I thought we wouldn't enjoy ourselves but we had a blast and stayed for 3 hours. Let me take you on our little adventure.
There was a tons to do, after playing at the park they headed to the hay maze.
Here they are just coming out the of the maze!
What's a visit to the farm without the animals...here is a few of the show stoppers
we visited. There was also chickens, ducks, cows and turkeys.
They had fun jumping on the corn popper! Look at the height of that jump!
We got to see how kettle corn is made and it was delicious!
On top of tractor tire mountain!
Taking a hayride to the pumpkin patch past the corn maze.

Running in these tubes was fun...like a hamster in a wheel. I even joined in the fun,
I was a tad bit dizzy afterward!
M got a chance to climb up on a real-life tractor and he loved it. If you know M he is all
about trucks and this made his day! Look at him seriously driving that truck!
Here's a shot of the whole family...we are all smiles!
This was a absolute wonderful day and even though it was cold I am glad we got to go to the farm. This was the last weekend they are open for the season. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! See ya soon!

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