Halloween 2012

Can you believe it's November already? Yesterday I shared with you Halloweens Past, so today here is Halloween 2012...I had a zombie, ninja and lumberjack.
This year I really wanted the kids to think of costumes that we could create at the house, rather than purchase. Well, we did it except for some accessories and my ninja. He didn't want to be anything we thought of and at the last minute we had to make a mad dash to the store (in all the madness) to find a costume.
My zombie
My Ninja
My Lumberjack
We had a blast on Halloween! We got way too much candy and this year there wasn't a lot of trick-or-treaters so we have a lot of candy let over that didn't get passed out. If you come to my house you will probably find me with a million wrappers surrounding me! :)
What was your little one for Halloween? Do tell. Did you make their costume yourself or was it store bought? See ya soon!


  1. Your kids look so cute! I love their costumes.

  2. Awwww my niece and nephews are adorable. You always do an AWESOME job.


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