Laundry Room Drapes - Part 2

I have finally finished my laundry room drapes. I toiled and toiled over them, I may have mentioned before that I am a indecisive person. First I didn't quite like the drapery clip rings...I enlisted your help here. All of my responders said to do the first option and I agreed...but like I said I didn't quite like the clips. 

I went to Joann's and grabbed a couple of packages of curtain grommets in bronze. They cost $10.99 each, I used a coupon and only paid $10.99 for two packages.
The instructions on the package are easy to follow and it comes with a handy tool to draw a template for where to cut the circles for the grommets. The only hard part was determining the placement of the grommets and the distance between each. A lot of math and rulers were used for this part!
I got the whole measuring part figured out and all I had to do was cut the circles out and clamp the grommets together and done.
Now the curtains are just a tad plain and I wanted to jazz them up a bit with some leftover curtains I had previously cut up for my kitchen. To spare you a long drawn out drama scene on what choices I toiled over, I will skip to my choice to add a band of fabric along the bottom of the drapes.

To add a band of fabric to your drapery panels, begin by gathering your supplies. You will need scissors, a fabric pen, measuring tape, ruler, hem tape, iron and sewing machine. I used my sewing machine to secure the fabric but by all means you can use hem tape for a no-sew project.
Next fold over one edge of the length of fabric to create a finished edge. My hem was 1 inch. Then press.
From the hem you just created measure up ten inches and mark with your fabric pen every few inches. Then take your ruler and draw a straight line connecting the dots. (Remember that your band can be as wide or as narrow as you like)

Cut along that line with your scissors or rotary cuter. Then fold over that edge 1 inch and press.

Place your band of fabric on your curtain where you would like it to be placed, measure from the bottom edge to ensure your band will be straight. I placed the bottom edge of mine on the hem line of the curtain. 

I pinned in place and sewed it close to the edge using my quarter inch foot.
Almost done...I did not trim the lengths of fabric until the end. By all means you can do this step first, I just decided to do this last. It worked out fine. I trimmed the edges to 2 inches from the side of the curtain. I folded it over a 1/2 inch, pressed, folded it over again 1 1/2 inches and pressed. I secured my edges by using hem tape because I don't have the foot to sew an invisible hem.

If you want to trim your length of fabric first, measure the curtain and add 4 inches for the hem. My curtain is 40 1/4 inches wide, so I would need to trim the fabric to 44 1/4 inches.
I am pleased with how it turned out. Tell me what you think. See ya soon!


  1. Way to go! I love the changes you made! Your drapes look so professional. You took some really great pictures of the process too. You should think about joining some link parties. You have a great blog, Darnetha!

  2. Im want you to make me some fa my office i will let ya know the measurements an color later gul lol

  3. Well only if I knew how to use a sewing machine. Naw... they probably wouldnt come out like yours either way. Lol. But they look alot better.

  4. I really like your choice and they look real good I like the gromet idea


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