Thanksgiving Tablescape 2012

Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is almost here and I just can't wait to feast on some delicious food. Thanksgiving is a time for fellowship, thankfulness and is also a time to dress our tables and pull out our fancy silverware and dishes. 

Last week I shared with you my table inspiration and my menu plan...although we will be out of town I wanted to show you what I came up with for my tablescape. Its nothing over-the-top but its what I like to call simple elegance.

For the place-setting, I used dishes and silverware that I already owned. I used a gold charger, a white dinner plate, a crystal pie-plate, silverware and two sets of wine glasses. I placed a gray linen napkin between the plates and simply put a pear on top. My centerpiece is 3 candle holders with gold candlesticks.

I used twisted floral Khadi napkins. They are gray with a metallic floral pattern around the edging. I found them at World Market.
Here is a close up of my crystal plates...they were a graduation gift nine years ago. Oh how time fly's. I still think they are just as beautiful as the day I first received them.
The tablecloth is from Target. It's a 70"round tablecloth made by Threshold, it has a very pretty floral embroidery stitched throughout the cloth. Here is a close-up of the detail...
I had a lot of fun putting this table together. I tried my best to showcase its beauty...sometimes its hard to translate that on camera...if you are like me and not a photographer. :) Here I am sitting at the table...I am trying to get in front of the camera more. I am always behind the scenes.
I hope you picked up some inspiration for your own table setting for this Thanksgiving. I love to hear from the people who read my post, it lets me know I am not just talking to myself out here in blog land. Have you completed your table and have everything underway or are you not hosting this year? See ya soon!


  1. Its a very nice table and very romantic if I must say. You and Doc J can have a dinner for two one night lol. Its looks AWESOME

    1. That sounds like an idea we'll do soon. You coming to watch the kids? :)

  2. If you weren't in Africa sure I would big the pic of you was a nice touch...

  3. This is absolutely beautiful and a great idea that I will use you are a very talented person love all your ideas please keep blogging your not talking to yourself I might not comment all the time but I do read everything you publish


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