Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from My Family to Yours!
I am thankful for so many things...but first and foremost I am thankful that God allowed me to see another beautiful day to share with my family and friends.
I am thankful for seeing loved ones that I haven't seen in so many years and finding them well.
I am thankful for the most delicious food I will eat on today. And the nap I will take shortly thereafter!
I am thankful to you, my readers. Thanks for allowing me to share with you on a weekly basis. And thanks for your comments, they make me smile and thats so very important.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday and I will be back on Monday. See ya soon!

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  1. Sweet most sentimental post ever in life. I can go on and on about what Im grateful for but most of all im grateful for God, my husband, my children, and my extended family. Also that pic of the food was AWESOME


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