Christmas 2012 Wish List

Today I will be sharing some items off my kids wish list for this year. I have already started shopping for Christmas here and there since October. I love a good deal so I always shop around and if I see it I try to get it...if my pocketbook allows.

My children are easy to please and usually only want a few things. Years past my son only wanted this talking Lighting McQueen car and nothing else. Not wanting under the tree to look bare I went out and brought more things. Guess my amazement he only played with the car and the other junk went unplayed with and discarded as a waste of money...lesson learned.

L's Wish List
My daughter, L, is getting older and her idea of toys have turned into expensive electronics...the #1 item on her list this year is a Kindle Fire.

L is starting to like clothes and shoes more than ever and her #2 on the list is a pair of boots. We saw a pair of Converse boots in the mall and she said those where a must is a version of the boots that I like but not the ones she saw. These are so cute in the color ginger snap.
Chuck Taylor All Star Beverly Boot

J's Wish List
My son J puts some items that I have to question on his list...he either wants something that doesn't exist (and says Santa can make it) or is out of this world. Case and point...on his list this year he asked for a read that right a yak. Why!?! And besides the ant farm that he will not get as well, here is his list:

He is into the Lego Ninjago Sets

He loves the Lego games...he already has Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.

Remote Control Truck
In the past the remote control cars we would buy would turn out to be a HUGE piece of junk
so we want to go from a toy to a sport now...if you hobby people know what I mean.
It's more expensive but from what my Dad says it is worth it and Dr.J even got exponentially excited when I told him what I was planning!

M's Wish List
The only thing my son M wants is cars and trucks and more cars and trucks. He loves vehicles and knows them all...he is like an encyclopedia when it comes to trucks. Besides a garbage truck we own them all...large and small. We even have baskets full of Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars. So besides him wanting yet another bulldozer here are a couple of things he would like as well.

Playmobil Police Car and Station
We love playmobil in this house and this would be a perfect addition to our collection.
  Leap Frog LeapPad Game
This system provides hours of entertainment and education. There are a lot of games to choose from and even books.
Car Storage Case
I am looking for a fun car storage case for M's many cars. This is a fun case, I don't know if any other car brands will fit in there.

I try to emphasize that Christmas is so much more than just getting gifts. I try my hardest to weed through their list and focus on what I know they really want and not what the TV tells them they must have. My children unlike their parents love to read and books are always on our list!

I hope you had a wonderful and long holiday weekend. See ya soon!


  1. So super cute and L's boots are adorable. Im biting her style those are a must have. Well at least M's things on his list are easy to come across lol. Great post

  2. Get ya pocket ready very nice selection lol

  3. So did you get all what L wanted since she has an expensive list


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